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10 Characters I Still Need To Meet

I am a character enthusiast (I abhor the term "character hunter" as it makes me feel like I'm going to shoot them). As such, I have had the great opportunity to meet many different characters around the world (357 to be exact). But, there are still some characters that have managed to elude me. Here is my top 10 list of characters I still need to meet.

ALL photos on this page are courtesy of 360 Degrees of Disney.

Please do not use without crediting the source.

Queen Elinor

Merida's mom is one I still need to meet. I know she can occasionally, but rarely, be seen at Walt Disney World. But, the chances of my traveling there while one of these occasions happens is slim to none.

Little John

Little John was meeting fairly regularly at the Magic Kingdom last year, but I did not get a chance to get there for it. And, so, he continues to evade me.

Ian and Barley Lightfoot

I kicked myself for not making it to Pixar Nite to meet these guys. And then, of course, the parks closed due to COVID-19. Hopefully, when the parks re-open, they will be there. So, I am crossing my fingers.


CookieAnn will be a little harder for me to meet because she only meets at Hong Kong Disneyland. I hope that I can make it out there one day to say hello.

Gadget Hackwrench

It seems like the only place you can possibly meet Gadget Hackwrench is at Disneyland Paris. But, even then, it is very rare to meet her. So, I have no idea what my chances to meet her will be.

Red Skull

Red Skull is part of the show during Marvel Days at Sea on the Disney Cruise Line. But, he's not really meetable unless you walk along side him on the way to the show. Marvel Days at Sea is definitely on my bucket list for sure.

King Leonidas

I was once invited to an event to meet him, but, sadly, I could not attend to meet the King of Naboombu. Hopefully, one day, it can happen. Although, he was so rare that I don't know if I will.


So, my sad sob story is that I did have an opportunity to meet Linguini at Disney FanDaze at Disneyland Paris, but I lost my phone and I spent a bunch of time trying to find it and I missed out of meeting him. I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to meet him one day.


The mad puppeteer who kidnapped Pinocchio is very rare to meet, only making it out on very rare occasions. So, I have doubts I will ever meet him.

ALL photos on this page are courtesy of 360 Degrees of Disney.

Please do not use without crediting the source.

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