The Incredibles and the Fantastic Four

Yesterday, Disney & Pixar released a sneak peak of The Incredibles 2.

I am so excited for this film because the first film was one of my favorite Pixar films. Actually, I would say it is one of the best superhero films, competing with the best of Marvel Studios films.  But, this makes sense because The Incredibles is basically an homage to Marvel's first family - the Fantastic Four.

Photo: Marvel

There have actually been three Fantastic Four movies, but I'll always tell you that The Incredibles is the best Fantastic Four movie you'll ever see. When Disney bought Marvel, I was irritated when some people said that Marvel didn't fit the Disney brand. Yet, they were fans of The Incredibles. And, I keep wanting to point out that The Incredibles is basically a Marvel film, they just didn't know it.

First of all, just looking at their power sets, three of the four Incredibles have powers corresponding with a member of the Fantastic Four. Mrs. Incredible (Elastigirl) has the stretching powers of Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards). Violet has the powers of invisibility and force fields that Invisible Woman (Sue Richards) has. And Mr. Incredible is the powerhouse like the Thing (Ben Grimm).

Photo: Disney/Pixar

But, it's not just that there are four team members with similar powers. Like the Incredibles, the Fantastic Four is all about family dynamics. Reed and Sue dealt with issues being a couple eventually leading into marriage and having children. Sue and her brother Johnny Storm (Human Torch) dealt with sibling issues. Ben served as protective brother and sparring partner to Johnny. What made the Fantastic Four so popular was that they were like everyday people dealing with everyday issues. The only difference is they had super powers.

And this is what made The Incredibles stand above the other Fantastic Four movies. It understood what made the Fantastic Four and, thereby, the Marvel Universe great.

With Disney going through the process of buying 20th Century Fox, I am hoping that the Fantastic Four, whose film rights belong to Fox, will be able to come home to Marvel and take its place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It only seems right being the comic that launched the Marvel Universe as we know it.

In the meantime, I'm super excited to see what adventures are in store for the Incredibles. I'm sure it will continue the legacy of the first film.

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