My FIVE favorite Disney Couples

Since its Valentine's Day. I thought I would share my favorite Disney couples. Please note that they are MY favorites and I'm not saying their the best (although, to me there are, naturally). And, these are in no particular order. Also, please note, if you haven't seen one or more of these films, there are spoilers.

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Bernard & Bianca
The Rescuers was really the first Disney film I was cognizant of watching in its original run. So, I have been in love with Bernard and Bianca for over 40 years. They have a very special place in my heart. I loved how all the male mice fawned over Miss Bianca, but she saw something special in Bernard. He was not just somebody she loved, but somebody she could go with on adventures and to do good in the world. By The Rescuers Down Under, Bernard was ready to propose to Miss Bianca, but they got called in to help a young child in Australia. And then jealousy abounded when the couple are introduced to the very resourceful Jake. But, Miss Bianca has always loved Bernard and he never had anything to worry about. He proposes and she accepts. A beautiful story in unrequited love.

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Rapunzel & Flynn
What I loved about the relationship between Rapunzel and Flynn is that Rapunzel was not looking for love. She was looking to see the lights she had seen every year on her birthday. When Flynn hides out in her tower after stealing a tiara, she hides the tiara and tells him she will return it to him if he takes her. Flynn is a scoundrel who tries to get out of it, but, along the way, he begins to see her exuberance and love of life and starts to soften. And she begins to see something in him as well. He realizes that she is his dream. When he tries to rescue her from her evil adoptive mother, he is stabbed. About to die, Rapunzel sheds a tear and the last of the magic she has within. And the two live happily ever after.

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Han Solo & Leia Organa
Han and Leia, at first, didn't get along right away. Both of them are head strong, stubborn people. But, it might also be that brash repartee, not to mention victories against the Empire, that brought the two together. In Empire Strikes Back, when Han is captured by Darth Vader and is placed in carbonite for delivery to Jabba the Hutt, Leia calls out,"I love you." To which Han replies "I know." That exchange has become an iconic scene often repeated by Star Wars loving couples. In Return of the Jedi, Leia risks her life to save Han from Jabba. With the help of Luke Skywalker, they are freed and are brought back to fight the Empire. On the forest moon of Endor, it is Han that is in danger while trying to enter the Imperial base. Leia is armed with a gun and Han says, "I love you." She then replies, "I know" and shoots the Stormtroopers. This is a prime example of how they compliment each other. In The Force Awakens, we find that the two were married and had a son. But the son's turn to the dark side tears the two apart only to be reunited when Han helps deliver the droid with a piece of the map to find Luke. When he dies, their connection is so strong that Leia feels his passing through the Force.

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Lady & The Tramp
Who doesn't love Lady and the Tramp and their iconic spaghetti scene? This is the classic example of opposites attract. Lady is a pampered pet coming from a loving home and Tramp relies only on his self making the world his home. When Lady runs away from home after having to be muzzled, Tramp comes to her rescue. At first, she is repelled by him. But, his kindness to help her survive and get back home draws the two together. In the end, Lady's masters take Tramp in and the two have a litter of their own.

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Carl & Ellie
What's amazing about Carl & Ellie is that we completely fall in love with them by following a montage of their life togeher. There's no talking, just a wonderful score piece by Michael Giacchino. Yet we understand everything about them from their childhood until their golden years. We see their marriage, their wanting to have children only to learn that she can't have children, their saving for a fabulous trip to Paradise Falls, only to be struck by the daily challenges of life. It isn't until they get older that Carl tries to make their dream trip come true, but this is when Ellie gets sick and passes. All of this we learn in the first few minutes of the film and, while she doesn't appear in the rest of the film, she is still a major character and the driving motivation for Carl. And just when Carl thinks all is lost, he finds a message from her in the back of her Adventure Book telling him that it is not their adventure anymore, but his. Seeing this, he is able to turn his mind and finally enjoy his life and the adventures it will bring.

Who are your favorite Disney couples?

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