Lunar New Year at Disney California Adventure - Year of the Dog!

Last week, I got to experience Lunar New Year at Disney California Adventure, celebrating the Year of the Dog. I have gone every year since the Disneyland Resort first started celebrating the Lunar New Year and its nice to see how much its grown over the years.

As you can tell from my Twitter and Instagram accounts, the big attraction for me is meeting the characters. Mulan and Mushu made their yearly visit which always proves to be so popular.

 Mickey and Minnie also met in their traditional Chinese outfits.

For the first time, this being the Year of the Dog, Pluto appeared with a cute Chinese hat and collar. Pluto both met at the Character Greetings Gazebo and roamed around the area.

Chip 'n' Dale roamed around Paradise Gardens

Its interesting about roaming characters. On one hand, being disabled and having to use a mobility scooter, it is difficult getting a picture with the characters because they're not supposed to really stop. But, at the same time, I absolutely love them because they are both interactive and spontaneous. You just don't know what they're going to do. For example, I had the pleasure of watching Chip 'n' Dale try to scare Mulan and Mushu on their way to the gazebo. It was just a delight.


Not doing meet and greets, much to the chagrin of every character fan, was Goofy dressed as the God of Fortune. However, he did appear in Mulan's Lunar New Year Procession which is always such a fantastic show. I watched all four performances that day.

I also tried several of the food offerings, but, for some reason, I didn't take pictures of anything except for the Banh Mi Thit Nuong (a French Vietnamese sandwich with pork belly) and the Almond Milk Black Iced Tea with Pudding that they had at the Paradise Garden Grill. Both were quite delicious, although I could have probably gotten one just as tasty just up the street from Disneyland. That said, it was quite a satisfying Banh Mi.

Other items that I had were the Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Korean fried rice) at the Korean Marketplace, the Banh Chu’ng (sticky rice with pork) and Chao Tom (sugar cane shrimp skewer) from the Vietnamese Marketplace, and the Sanbeiji (three-cup chicken) and Baixiangguo Lucha (passion fruit green iced tea with lychee popping pearls) from the Chinese Marketplace. I liked it all except for the three-cup chicken. I don't know if I got a bad batch, but it looked nothing like the picture and, truth be told, it tasted burnt. I couldn't finish it. But, I'd definitely get the others again.

Other entertainment offerings included the GuGu Drum Group from Shanghai, China who appeared in Paradise Park.

And, I also watched Luna Lee, a musical artist from Korea who played a traditional 12-string instrument called the gayageum. It sounded almost like a cross between a dobro, guitar and harp. She was amazing. I loved that she talked so softly, but then would play something a little classic rock.

She also played a classic Disney song, too!

And, finally, I got a chance to see "Hurry Home - Lunar New Year Celebration" which is a pre-show to World of Color. I found it really cool that they did it in paper cut out style. It was a really nice way to honor the Lunar New Year Disney style.

It was a really great day and am glad that the Disneyland Resort celebrates the Lunar New Year like this that is great fun for all.

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