Favorites List: Top 5 Favorite Marvel Super Heroes (Comic Book Edition)

Somebody posted on Twitter a question about who your favorite Marvel hero, team and villain are. So, I thought I'd use this as a subject for another one of my top 5 favorites lists. This list will focus on Marvel Super Heroes as they appear in the comics. I will probably do another list for the Marvel Cinematic Universe just because there are differences between the comics and the movies given the movies are not bogged down by years of continuity. I also tried not to just list all the Avengers, even though I love all of them. I tried to look into the diverse number of characters out there and put together this list. Let me know who your favorites are in the comments section.

5) Spectrum (Monica Rambeau)
I've loved Monica Rambeau since she first came on the scene in 1982 as the new Captain Marvel. As a member of the New Orleans Harbor Patrol, she tried to help save the world as a regular citizen and was imbued with the ability to absorb and turn into energy. She has also gone by Photon and Pulsar and then, when she joined the anti-terrorist group Nextwave, reverted to her own name Monica Rambeau. It was probably during her stint on Nextwave that I really fell in love with the character. The humorous take on her helped give her more of a personality that differentiated her from the pack. But, what solidified it was when she joined the Mighty Avengers and subsequently the Ultimates, adopting the code name Spectrum. By now, she has become not only a powerful hero, but a strong leader

4) She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters, Esq)
Many people think She-Hulk was created as a love interest for the Hulk, but if they knew the backstory, they'd find that thought gross. She is, in fact, his cousin who was given the ability to "hulk out" after Bruce Banner donated blood to save her life after she was involved in an accident. Unlike her cousin, though, she remains in control of her personality. The thing I love about She-Hulk is not that she becomes a giant jade warrior, but because she is a giant jade lawyer who serves as one of the super hero community's legal counsel. I really enjoyed Charles Soule's book which was really more about her being a lawyer than her kicking ass.

3) Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
I don't think I've fallen in love with a character so quickly. And I am so glad she has become so universally embraced, especially since I remember some of the ire in the comic book community about Marvel's introduction of a Muslim super hero. But, as soon as Ms. Marvel #1 hit the stage, she has become a fan favorite. A great deal of this comes from the honesty in the writing. G. Willow Wilson. The book introduces us to not only the Muslim experience, but the immigrant experience as well, and throws Kamala's sudden Inhuman transformation to a shape changer has complicated the matter. But, above all else, no matter whether on her own or on a team, the Avengers or the Champions, there is a refreshing optimism and sense of heroism that makes her a great role model not only for girls, but for young people in general.

2) Captain America (Steve Rogers)
I am always a fan of a hero that stands for what is right and just. Captain America is that hero. He is a man out of time. A hero of World War II, he brought the virtues of the Greatest Generation and the spirit of America with him when he was eventually found still alive in an ice glacier. Whatever team Captain America is on, I am on. During the first Civil War, I was completely Team Cap because he believed in people's own personal freedoms. Its his protection of our liberties as Americans that make him endearing.

1) Thor (Thor Odinson)
I have always loved mythology. When I was younger, I used to carry D'Aulaire's Books of Greek and Norse myths. So, to have a real mythological god in the comics was just wonderful to me. While I am a huge fan of the Jack Kirby version of Thor, I started reading Thor when Steve Buscema and Keith Pollard started doing the art. It was during this time that writer Roy Thomas started to bring in more of the Norse mythology. But, it was Walt Simonson's run in the 1980s that ireally made me love Thor as a hero. Simonson brought in so many fantastic elements that are still part of the Marvel Universe today, including Beta Ray Bill and Malekith the Dark Elf. Thor has always tried to be the best warrior he could be while still maintaining a joy of life which is something I very much enjoy about him,


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