Today Is Superhuman Day! My 5 Favorite Marvel Heroes With Disabilties

September 7 is Superhuman Day! Created by the British Channel 4 in 2012 to celebrate the Summer Paralympic Games, it is a day to recognize all the people with disabilities who push themselves to the limit to extraordinary accomplishments! And, while one cannot compare the amazing superhuman feats of everyday people with disabilities, there are super heroes who have not let their own disabilities slow them down. Here are five of my favorite Marvel heroes with disabilities:

5. Echo (Deaf)

Echo is one of the very few deaf superheroes out there. Native American Maya Lopez who's father was killed by the villain Kingpin. Kingpin, however, took her in and raised her as his own. And, when she came of age, he tried to get her to kill his enemy Daredevil by telling her Daredevil killed her father. But, she realized she was being brainwashed by her adoptive father and falls in love with Daredevil's alter ego Matt Murdoch. She goes on to right her wrongs and become a hero in her own right. While she is deaf, she has pushed her body to Olympic levels. She has photographic reflexes and has the ability to read lips, even through masks.

4. Puck (Dwarfism)

While it can argued whether dwarfism is a disability, the American with Disabilities Act recognizes dwarfism as a disability because some daily activities can be harder. But, not for the Canadian hero Puck who trained to become an exceptional athlete adept at acrobatics, gymnastics and various fighting techniques. He is a proud member of the Canadian Super Team Alpha Flight with which he continues to serve under the leadership of Captain Marvel.

3. Misty Knight (Amputee) 

Misty Knight was a member of the New York Police Department when she lost her right arm in a bomb attack. Because of this, she was put on desk duty, but did not want to be held down by her disability. So, Tony Stark developed a bionic arm for her which has given her super strength. And, in the tradition of her police background, she continues to fight crime. She has long been tied to Power Man (Luke Cage) and Iron Fist (Danny Rand) with Heroes for Hire and frequently partners with fellow adventurer Colleen Wing  as the Daughters of the Dragon.

2. Professor X (Parapalegic)

Mutant Professor X is a powerful telepath who can both read and control minds. He is also a parapalegic confined to a wheelchair or, sometimes, a hover chair. Despite this disability, he has managed to build a movement of peace between humans and mutants, who many humans seem to distrust. He pulled together his team (and subsequently teams) of X-Men, training them while continuing their education. Before his death, he was very well respected among mutant kind as well as the superhero community at large.

1. Daredevil (Blind) 

As a child, Matt Murdoch was in an accident that took his eyesight while, at the same time, heightening his other senses. For years, he was overwhelmed by his enhanced senses as well as loss of sight and, through training and conditioning, he has become an Olympic level athlete, accomplished acrobat and adept fighter. He originally began his career to avenge his father's death, but now serves in the shadows as a protector of New York City.


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