Happy 89th Birthday, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit!

 On September 5, 1927, Walt Disney Studios, under Universal Studios, released Trolley Troubles which would be the first appearance of Walt Disney's first star Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. Disney produced 26 Oswald shorts before he left for New York to talk to his producer Charles Mintz of Universal Studios. When he arrived, he was told that he should get a pay cut and discovered that many of his animators were pilfered by Mintz. Walt decided to part ways, disheartened that he lost Oswald. It is here that legends tell of his train ride home where he and Ub Iwerks came up with the idea for Mickey Mouse who would be the first star in his entertainment empire.

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In 2006, NBC/Universal became interested in bringing sports commentator Al Michaels to NBC Sunday Night Football. Michaels was under contract with Disney owned ABC. So, negotiations began and Disney CEO Bob Iger, who had long wanted to bring Oswald back to Disney, offered a trade for Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. And, so, a successful negotiation was made and Oswald made his way home.


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