Armchair Imagineering: Ant-Man Attraction

Sometimes, as a fan, its fun to imagine(er) different kind of attractions for Disney Parks. Yesterday, I had a brief twitter conversation about Adventure Thru Inner Space, a classic former attraction in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. The other person remarked how fun it was to feel like you were shrinking, adding the tag #AntMan to the end of her tweet. I thought that this would be an amazing mashup.

Now, I know that we probably could not go back to the simplicity of Adventure Thru Inner Space and its slow moving omnimover, as charming and wonderful as it was. I remember really thinking I was shrinking on Inner Space and you could not convince me that I did not. But, what captured my imagination as a child probably wouldn't do the same for today's audience. I love the idea of an attraction that would capture the experience of shrinking though. And, I think Marvel's Ant-Man is a great property for that.

At Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Resort Paris, they have Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy which gives you the experience of being as tiny as a mouse. Using a trackless system like that would be perfect as it would allow for the experience of being small. But, there needs to be that moment, like when Scott Lang first activates the Pym Particles in the Ant-Man suit, where you actually feel like you are shrinking. In fact, that whole scene when Ant-Man first shrinks and, particularly, when he's breaking into Pym Technologies through the water pipe feels like an attraction in and of itself.

So, if I were imagineering this attraction, guests enter Hank Pym's mansion where the queue would resemble the interior of the house and laboratory. Using technology similar to that in the queue of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal Studios (I know, perish the thought), video appearances of Hank Pym, Hope Van Dyne and Scott Lang talk about some kind of threat and prepare the guests to help Ant-Man and the Wasp with the use of a Pym Particle enabled vehicle. The guests then board their vehicles to go on the mission. Once the vehicle moves from the boarding area and into the attraction, the vehicle and the guests shrink to the size of an ant. From there, a series of things happen which would include riding into an ant hill to gather ant allies, flying through the air with the flying ants avoiding various obstacles, a trip in a water pipe and other such adventures. Like the Ratatouille attraction, there would be some randomness so that you're not always experiencing the exact same experience every time. In the end, of course, the guests save the day and return to their regular size.

Again, this is just for fun, but I think it would be a fun attraction. Like I said, much of Ant-Man felt like an attraction itself. And it would be so cool for young people today to experience what I felt as a child on Adventure Thru Inner Space, but in a much more modern way.


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