My Reaction To Disney's Big Hero 6 Trailer

Today, Disney released its first trailer for Big Hero 6 and I have to say that I am very excited about it.  As I've mentioned before, I am actually one of those people who is familiar with the source material.  As an Asian American, I've always looked for Asian images in media and, when I heard Marvel Comics was creating a Japanese superhero team, I was on board then.  So, when they announced this project, I was pleasantly surprised.

Now, I know that they have changed a great deal from the source material and not much is known for sure outside of it involving a superhero team formed by Hiro and his giant robot Baymax.  But, watching this trailer, I now see why they chose this very obscure superhero team to work with.  Because, at the heart of that team is Hiro and Baymax.

Honestly, sometimes the marketing for Disney has been bizarre.  Now, don't get me wrong as I absolutely LOVE Olaf and Sven from Disney's Frozen.  But, when the first teaser they released was just about Olaf and Sven, I didn't really feel it captured the spirit of what the film was actually about.  THIS teaser trailer tells me what it's about.  Yes, there will be a superhero team, but what it's about is a boy and his robot.

Also, admittedly, given that the original source material is about a Japanese superhero team, I was afraid they were going to completely remove much of the Japanese influence.  And, mostly, I was afraid that they might change the ethnicity of Hiro himself.  A couple of days ago when they released a few teaser images, I thought my fears were coming true when I saw this:

It looks Caucasian from this image.  My first reaction was to write a blog entry about how it was sad that they've changed the ethnicity of Hiro.  But, I told myself that I was looking at ONE image and shouldn't jump the gun. And, given the fact that the character's name is Hiro Hamada, I thought it would be weird that they would make him Caucasian.  But, now having viewed the trailer, I can see the more Asian features.  I just hope that the voice actor is of Japanese descent.  One of the things I love about Russell the Wilderness Explorer from UP is that he is voiced by a boy of Japanese descent.  And, it really translates.

My final reaction is to the release date.  It says "February 2015."  When did the release date change? I thought it was coming out November 2014. [Edit: Never mind. I just realized the video I posted is the Disney UK version. It's still November for those of us in the US.]

Anyway, I look forward to seeing more about Disney's Big Hero 6, especially what the rest of the team will look like!


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