Throwback Thursday - 3/27/2013 (Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree Opens 2012)

For today's Throwback Thursday, I thought I'd take us back to May 2012 when Disneyland transformed what was once known as the Festival Arena into what is now known as the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree.  Previously, Disneyland had used the Festival Arena for special events and, in 2011, held several Family Fun Weekends there. The Jamboree was originally created as a place to house the Disney Performing Arts which was displaced when Carnation Plaza was being transformed into the new Fantasy Faire.

When the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree first opened, it actually had various craftwork on display, including wood carving and quilting.

Farley the Fiddler also came in to entertain while the various Disney Performing Arts performers were on break.

Does anybody recognize this cow and bull? ;) (If you don't know, click on the pictures to find out)

But, the big draw, as the Jamboree has come to be known for, were the character meet-and-greets.  At the time, Clarabelle Cow, Clara Cluck and Horace Horsecollar were all regulars.

And, Mickey and friends came out in their Western wear.  Here are Donald and Daisy in their cute cowboy outfits.

I'm glad that the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree has continued even today, often with different themes and holiday overlays.  It's become a great place to relax, meet characters and listen to fun music.  I hope it will always be there for guests to enjoy!


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