Thoughts on Season THREE of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"

And, I continue my binge watching of Star Wars: The Clone Wars with thoughts on season three. This season is entitled "Secrets Revealed." Please note that I'm kind of live blogging while watching and there are some SPOILERS involved.  If you haven't watched this season yet, please wait until you have.

Here are my thoughts:
  • The first episode "Clone Cadets" had another great ethical discussion about clones.  Actually, I think just soldiers in general.  The military prides itself on thinking of a cohesive unit, but I thought it was a very interesting look at how this can be achieved when individuality is also brought into the equation. But, ultimately, I thought the ethical discussion of whether one can just dispose of a clone just because it doesn't meet the needs fascinating.  
  • I'm not sure I like the way the Kaminoans are being portrayed in The Clone Wars.  I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I like the way they were portrayed in Attack of the Clones.  So, that's one good thing I can say about that movie, I guess.  LOL!  Anyway, last season with Halle Burtoni, she just seemed so out of character as a Kaminoan.  In this episode, so does Lama Su.  He seemed like he was more of a gangster for some reason in this episode.
  • After a season of bounty hunters last season, it's nice to see Asajj Ventress back
  • I like how 99, one of the "reject" clones, serves as an inspiration to the Clone Troopers.
  • I once again got confused with another chronologically out of place episode "Supply Lines."  I was trying to figure out why Toydaria was a neutral planet when, in the very first episode of season one, King Katuunko agreed to join the Republic. I was also trying to figure out why Ryloth was under seige again.  So, I had to look it up again and found out this was another prequel episode.  I'm not quite sure why they decided to run these prequel episodes without any context.  This probably also explains why Bail Organa sounds Russian in this episode rather than like Jimmy Smits.
  • Greedo!
  • Back to Mandalore!  Always a welcome trip, despite their civil unrest and the corruption going on.  I also welcome any moment when Satine isn't wearing her ridiculous headdress.  Also, is it just me or does anybody else see Cate Blanchett when they see Satine?
  • I'd like to say a few words about Padme that I haven't in my thoughts of the last couple of seasons, but I'm glad to see her grow as a Senator.
  • Why Ziro the Hutt again? And, why was he back in jail at the end of the episode "Assassins?"  I thought Cad Bane got him out at the end of season one. Is this another prequel episode?
  • Thank god, though, it's only Ziro that's the only Hutt that sounds like Truman Capote...or, at least, the other Hutts this season all sounded "Hutty." LOL! And, while Mama The Hutt (Mama The Hutt?!?!) sounds like an old Southern matriarch, at least they deepened her voice to, at least, be consistent with the rest of the Hutts.  Although, why does this Hutt family sound like they're doing "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof?"
  • Sy Snootles! She can perform a Lion King style musical number AND be an even more bad ass bounty hunter that Greedo. ;)
  • I like the growing friendship between Padme and Ahsoka.  On some levels, I feel Padme trusts Ahsoka more than Anakin Skywalker.
  • I really enjoyed "Heroes On Both Sides" for its discussion about war and how there are two sides where lives are being affected.  So far, we've seen the nefarious Count Dooku and the Trade Federation, but we haven't seen many of the other planets who are part of the Separatists.  This episode takes us to Raxus where we meet Padme's friend Senator Mina Bonteri who, while a Separatist, also supports a move to end the war.  Also, Bonteri's son Lux and Ahsoka also learn more about each other.  He tells Ahsoka that, before the war, the Jedi were regarded as heroes.  But, after, it was a different story.  Ahsoka tells Anakin at the end that she realizes the politics of the war are not as black and white before.  This episode, I think, really lays the groundwork for the ideological split that Ahsoka and Anakin will eventually have in later seasons.  Great episode!
  • Wait...why is Onaconda Farr alive again in the episode "Pursuit for Peace?"  I thought he died last season.  Urgh...another prequel episode. I don't get why they keep showing episodes out of chronological order like this. But, yay...the bill to create more Clone Troops.  And, we finally see the true face of Chancellor Palpatine.
  • Man, Dooku...that's cold.  Cutting your apprentice Asajj Ventress out like that?  Brrrr....
  • If Count Dooku is also Lord Tyrannus...why do we keep calling him Dooku?
  • I loved the episode "Nightsisters" just to see Asajj Ventress' history and how she descended to the Dark Side and become Dooku's apprentice.  And, the Nightsisters are pretty awesome, too.
  • And so we meet Savage Opress in the episode "Monster."  I thoroughly enjoyed this episode as well, not just for his introduction, but also to see how much puppet mastering is going on with Dooku and the Nightsisters.
  • I loved watching Dooku train Savage Opress in "Witches of the Mist."  
  • Qui-Gon Jinn!  And voiced by freakin' Liam Neeson himself!
  • I'm not sure how I feel about the episode Force Wielder episodes - "Overlord," "Altar of Mortis" and "Ghosts of Mortis."  The idea of having a family of powerful Force Weilders that represent the balance of the Force is kind of strange.  I guess it's better than the midi-chlorians. It also is the first time since the Clone Wars that I am reminded that Anakin is supposed to be the "Chosen One."  But, it's kind of disappointing that Anakin's dissent to the Dark Side was all caused by family drama. 
  • And, if this was such a pivotal moment in the Star Wars saga, why wouldn't it have been in the prequel trilogy? I get that The Clone Wars is meant to fill the gaps, but, this just seems like it would have been something too big to leave out.  Although, and I don't mean to always sound disparaging about the prequel trilogy, I do think it's probably better handled here..
  • It was kinda cool to see Dark Side Ahsoka...not that I'd ever want to see her actual dissent.
  • And, it was kinda cool to see the Son put the visions into Anakin's head which ends with a vision of Dark Vader's mask.  I kind of wish, though, that since Mortis now seems to have played such a part in Anakin's dissent and it being the place where he's first really taken over by the Dark Side that it was here that he fights his last battle with Obi-Wan and falls into the lava at the end of Revenge of the Sith.
  •  Grand Moff Tarkin...before he was Grand Moff! But, he's still as big of an a@$hole as he was in the original trilogy.
  • I'm counting how many times Obi-Wan Kenobi and Even Piell exchange glances at each othe in "Counterattack."
  • Wait...Piell wasn't killed in Order 66?  I've got to make mental notes of all the Jedi that actually die in The Clone Wars for when I watch Revenge of the Sith.
  • I don't mean to say this offensively, but it's so strange having seen James Arnold Taylor in person that he can do a voice as cool as Plo Koon.  LOVE HIS VOICE!
  • Anakin and Tarkin.  Shiver...
  • The Hunger Games with Younglings and Trandoshans!
  • Chewbacca! It's nice to see him get some time to shine away from Han Solo and other Wookies.
  • Sugi, bounty hunter with a heart of gold!
  • Again we see Ahsoka grow into an impressive Jedi.  In "Padawan Lost" and "Wookie Hunt," she has to depend on what little resources she has in order to escape the Trandoshans.  She has no lightsaber or weapons, just her own military knowledge and the Force.  She's becoming quite the leader.  Any annoyance she could have been in the movie is clearly washed away by now.
  • I wish the Force Wielder episodes were the last episodes of the season. Not that I minded the last story line.  In fact, I loved it and I always welcome the development of Ahsoka.  But, I thought this Force Wielder story line brought more questions and could have been an interesting cliffhanger of sorts.  And, it would have been a good way to end a season entitled "Secrets Revealed."  If I had organized the episodes and had it end the season, the very last image would have been Anakin, once again being haunted by the image of Darth Vader.  And, then cut to credits.
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