Television Recap & Review - Once Upon A Time (Episode 315 - Quiet Minds)

Please note that this features both a recap and a review with SPOILERS. So, if you have not watched this episode yet and don't want to know what happened, please come back once you have. Again, there are SPOILERS here.

The episode opens in Storybrooke with Emma running into Granny's diner.  Mary Margaret, David, Regina and Hook are there discussing what could have happened to Mr. Gold.  Hook tells the group that Neal talked about getting his father back and that it might be one theory as to why they've returned.  They wonder if he's working in cahoots with Mr. Gold.  Regina decides to head back to Zelena's farmhouse to investigate more.

Elsewhere, Zelena has Rumplestilkstin's dagger and tries to summon the Dark One.  But, it doesn't work.  One of her flying monkeys arrives and Zelena tells him to find Mr. Gold.  We then see Gold running through the forest.

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Emma, Mary Margaret, David and Hook go to tell Belle that Gold is alive.  David tells her that if he comes into town he'll come to her.  Hook says that he will stay and protect her, but Belle is a little wary.  David also suggests Mary Margaret stay behind and rest.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Belle and Neal talk about Rumplestiltskin and get ready to cast a spell to bring him back.  They return to Rumplestiltskin's library to find a book to help them.  While there, they also discover Lumiere.

Back in Storybrooke, Belle and Hook hear somebody trying to break into the store.  Belle thinks it's Rumple, but it turns out to be Neal who has been missing since their return. Over at Emma's place, Emma brings Henry some breakfast.  Henry tells Emma that he knows there's something up and is suspicious of what's going on around him.  He tells her that if she can't tell him the truth, he wants to go home to New York.  Emma gets a call and tells Henry that she has to go.  She asks him to trust her and that she'll fill him in later.  Emma and David arrive at the hospital to see Neal.  They tell him that his father's back and Neal is confused.  They discover some triangle imprinted on his hand.  He asks if he can have a minute with Emma.  Emma tells him that Henry still has no memories of what is happening.  Neal wants to fix it and wants Henry to know who he is.

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Back in the Enchanted Forest, Belle is surprised she had never met Lumiere before.  Lumiere explains that he can only appear when his candles are lit.  They tell him that Rumple died.  They want Lumiere's help, but he is a little resistant because Rumple made him a candelabra.  But, Belle persuades him to help and Lumiere directs them to a book then turns out to be a hiding spot for the key to the Vault of the Dark One - where the Dark One was first made.  He says they must go there if they want to find Rumple and he will accompany them.  Belle and Neal leave and Zelena comes in.  She has Lumiere working for her.  He begs her to release him, but she still has plans for him.

Back in Storybrooke, Zelena visits Mary Margaret. Mary Margaret seems nervous and Zelena tries to find out more information about the hunt for the Wicked Witch.  She gives Mary Margaret something to drink that calms her down.  Mary Margaret thinks Zelena is amazing.

Back at Zelena's farmhouse, Regina is walking around.  She hears something and thinks its a flying monkey.  An arrow is shot at her and it turns out it's Robin Hood who thought she was the Wicked Witch.  While they knew each other in the Enchanted Forest, they don't remember each other here.  There is obviously some romantic tension between them and they wonder if they've met each other before.

And, over at the hospital, Neal and Hook are bonding.  Neal asks how Hook feels now being a hero and Hook asks Neal how he feels being a villain having potentially used dark magic to bring his father back.  Hook hugs Neal and Neal wonders what he's doing.  But, Hook remembers Neal as a boy and the adventures they've had.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Belle and Neal talk more about Rumplestiltskin.  Neal is learning more from Belle about the good in his father.  They come across a clearing where they think the Vault might be.

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Back in Storybrooke, David and Emma are talking while walking through the forest.  David asks Emma if she plans to go back to New York after they break the curse.  Then, suddenly, they hear a cry.  It's Gold.  He's going crazy and is hearing lots of voices.  Suddenly, a flying monkey comes in and tries to kidnap Gold.  Gold runs.  David fights off the monkey as Emma chases after Gold.

And, back at the farmhouse, Regina and Robin investigate inside.  Robin tells her that he's heard many stories about the Evil Queen, but she doesn't seem so evil.  More romantic tension and flirting! Robin finds some whiskey and says the two should have a drink.  Regina sees a tattoo on his arm and is reminded that Tinker Bell told her that he is her one true love.  Startled, she runs out of the farmhouse.

Back in the forest, Neal finds Emma.  Emma tells him she's seen his father, but he seemed a little crazy.

And back in the Enchanted Forest, Belle and Neal light up Lumiere and Lumiere tells them what to do next.  They asked if he is sure that this what they should be doing.  Lumiere tells them that he's seen so much Dark Magic and that he's been in the library for at least 200 years.  Belle realizes he's lying because Rumple built the library for her.  Lumiere admits that he is who is, but it wasn't Rumple who made him a candelabra, but the Wicked Witch of the West.  He explains she wants them to bring forth the Dark One so she can control him.  Belle thinks that it would be a risk to move forward opening the Vault, but Neal is desperate to get his father back and opens it.  They key burns his hand.  The Dark One emerges and they wonder if it's Rumple.

Back in Storybrooke, Neal catches up on Emma's and Henry's lives.  She tells him that life was good.  He wondered if they were lonely and Emma tells him that she had a boyfriend.  Neal tries to be understanding and then Emma tells him that her boyfriend ended up becoming a flying monkey. They laugh, but Neal tells her he really wants her to be happy.  Emma gets a call from Belle who tells her that she figured out the triangle symbol on Neal's hand.  It's from the key to the Vault of the Dark One.  She tells her that she thinks he might have used it to bring back Rumple...but, there's a catch - the Vault will restore the Dark One in exchange for a life.  Belle says Neal should be dead right now.  Suddenly, Neal starts writhing in pain.  His face starts morphing back and forth between his own and his father's.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Neal seems to be dying from opening the Vault.  The Dark One forms into Rumple and rushes to Belle and Neal.  Zelena appears and tells Rumple of her deception.  Rumple tells her that he'll never let his son go.  Zelena manages to get Rumple's dagger away from him and Neal is suddenly absorbed into Rumple.  Rumple then goes mad as Zelena starts to take control of him.  She orders Rumple to kill Belle, but Lumiere grabs hold of Zelena and urges Belle to run. Belle grabs Lumiere and runs.

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Back in Storybrooke, Emma thinks Gold is inside Neal and Neal says he can hear him.  Neal pleads for her to separate them.  Emma tells him that if he does, he might die.  But, he wants her to do it to save her and Henry.  Emma manages to separate them.  Neal is dying, but tells his father to tell them who the witch is.  He tells them that it is Zelena.  Neal gives Emma the locket he's kept to remember Henry.  Gold thinks he can fix it, but Neal knows there is nothing he can do.  Neal dies in their arms, leaving Emma and Gold stunned.

Emma and David return to the apartment.  They ask where Zelena is and Mary Margaret tells them she's in the bathroom.  But, she's escaped.  Mary Margaret wonders what's going on and they tell her Zelena is the Wicked Witch of the West.  Mary Margaret is surprised.  They also tell her that they've found Gold, but, in the process, Neal has died.  Back in the forest, Zelena finds Gold who is watching over his body.  Gold tells her that it's only a matter of time before the others come to kill her.  He attempts to kill her himself, but, he can't because she has his dagger and is controlling him.  She tells him that it doesn't matter if they know who she is because she has control of him and orders him back into his cage.

Elsewhere, Regina finds Robin's camp.  She is still dealing with her memories.  Back at Gold's store, Mary Margaret and David fill Belle in.  And, in a park near Storybrooke, Emma tells Henry that the reason they went to Storybrooke was because she was trying to help his father.  She tells Henry that his father died, but that he was a good man.  She tells Henry that, while his killer got away, she is going to find them.

Thankfully, Once Upon A Time is back on track after the filler episode last week.  The biggest mystery that has been solved this week was how Rumplestiltskin returned, why he was acting crazy and where Neal has been since they all returned to Storybrooke.  It also answered the question of which main character was going to die this season.  If you read my recap, you know who it is.  And, can I say, I called it back in January in my blog entry speculating on who it might be!

Honestly, as I mentioned in that blog entry, Neal's death allows for a lot of different things to happen now.  While Rumplestiltskin is still being controlled by Zelena, he's got even more motivation right now to try to break free and extract his revenge.  Emma, who's feelings for Neal just started to rekindle and the memories she once had of him started flooding back, will have to deal with all this.  And, at the same time, she'll have figure out what to keep telling a growingly suspicious Henry.

I must say that I was very impressed with the performances of Jennifer Morrison, Robert Carlyle and Michael Raymond-James as Neal passed away in Emma's and Gold's arms.  It was very emotional and I felt for all of them.  I'm glad, though, that Neal got a very heroic death where he was able to reconcile with his fahter.

Neal's death, also, obviously opens the door for Hook to pursue a relationship with Emma.  Speaking of pursuing relationships, I completely forgot that Regina and Robin wouldn't remember having met each other in the Enchanted Forest since it was during the year that everybody forgot.  So, I really enjoyed the romantic tension between them and it will be interesting to see if Tinker Bell's prophecy comes true.

And, speaking of Tinker Bell, though...where is she?

Anyway, I thought this was a really emotional episode of Once Upon A Time, but a fitting end for Neal.  And, now that the town knows who the Wicked Witch of the West is, I'm looking forward to the showdown.

Please note, though, that I will be out of the country for the next couple of weeks.  So, I'll miss doing recaps and reviews on Once Upon A Time while I'm away.  But, I'll still plan to post them once I return.


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