Lord Henry Mystic and Albert: The Disney Kingdoms Story I Would Love To See Next

I was just reading an interview on Newsarama with writer Jim Zub, artist Filipe Andrade and editor Bill Rosemann for the upcoming Figment series as part of Marvel's and Disney's Disney Kingdoms comic book line.  I couldn't more excited about this book, especially with it featuring the Dreamfinder.  When I was younger, I always loved riding Journey Into Imagination.  I would ask myself where the Dreamfinder came from and how he came to create Figment.  So, I'm looking forward to the story these creators tell.  I've been enjoying Seekers of the Weird and really seeing the potential of the Disney Kingdoms line.

That got me thinking of another story I'd love to see in Disney Kingdoms and that's a story about the adventures of Lord Henry Mystic and his lovable monkey Albert from Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland.


According to the Mystic Manor page on the Hong Kong Disneyland Web site:
Lord Henry Mystic, eccentric explorer and adventurer, has traveled around the world with Albert, his monkey and trusted companion. His collection of fine art and antiquities, acquired during his travels, is housed within Mystic Manor.
With this, the Disney Imagineers have created a back story from which many kinds of stories can bloom.  Every artifact in Mystic Manor has a story as Lord Henry traveled the world collecting them.

While I've only been able to ride the attraction once, I found myself asking the same kinds of questions I asked myself when riding the Journey Into Imagination of my youth.

Who is the woman who turns into Medusa?

Where did this Samurai armor come from?

What is the story behind the Tiki?

Is there a story behind this statue of the Monkey King?

And, what was this day like?  The day they opened Mystic Point?

There are so many adventures that could be told. While this probably won't be a story they'd tell in the near future, it would be wonderful if they did eventually.  I fell in love with these characters immediately and think that the world should get to know them as much as any character from other beloved Disney attractions.  


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