When Disney Entertainment Attacks...

Today, going about the Twitterverse, is news that Disneyland Paris will stop having characters meet at its hotels starting in November later this year.  The only exception will be the character dining experience at Inventions at the Disneyland Hotel.  This, of course, caused much sadness among many of the Disneyland Paris fans.  And, while I've only been there a handful of times, I found myself a bit saddened by the news.  I always thought it was neat that Disneyland Paris had characters meeting in their hotels where people who might not be able to go to the parks could still meet characters.  It's one of the things that made Disneyland Paris special from the other parks.

This, of course, got me thinking about other news in which some Disney entertainment had been cancelled.  There was recent news about the Ziti Sisters who entertained guests at the Italy Pavilion at Epcot were recently retired to make more room in the budget to keep Anna and Elsa from Frozen at the Norway Pavilion.  Then there was PUSH the talking trash can at the Magic Kingdom.  Regardless of why Disney let the contract expire, it really all boils down to saving money.  And, finally, after decades of entertaining at the park, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies played their last show at the Disneyland Resort earlier this year.

Now, despite the title of my blog entry, I don't think that Disney Entertainment is evil for doing any of this at any of the Disney Parks.  I get the fact that, in order to do something else, you need to move money around.  And, most of the time, the cancellation of one thing usually leads to something great (the one big exception, for me, being the cancellation of "Drawn to the Magic" to make way for "Disney Dance Crew"...shudders). A prime example of one good thing leading to the next good thing is how Disney California Adventure cancelled Minnie's Fly Girls in order for the park to offer ¡Viva Navidad!  Was I upset that they cancelled Minnie's Fly Girls?  Sure.  Why?  Because I loved it.  I still get goosebumps thinking about the Disney medley from the show.  But, in the end, the cancellation made way for one of the best holiday offerings the Disneyland Resort had to offer.  So, again, I understand why things sometimes have to be cancelled.

 But, that doesn't mean that one cannot be sad about it.  Many of this entertainment provides magical moments for people that they want to cherish and live on forever.  One of the most magical moments I had was when I visited Epcot in 2010.  On the way out of the Japan Pavilion, I saw Honobono Minwa, the storyteller, getting ready to tell a tale to guest.  It happened to be that she was telling the story of Urashima Taro, a Japanese fairy tale and a story that is actually very personal to me (for reasons too complicated and personal to tell).  And, she picked me to be the part of Urashima Taro and I had such fun.  It was, perhaps, the best part of my seven day trip.  Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think she's there anymore.  At least, I've tried to Google her and she doesn't seem to be part of any entertainment schedule.  It saddens me to know that she might not be there on a future trip.

Is it the end of the world?  No.  We all move on.  But, I do understand when people get upset about these things.  If we didn't get upset, then, Disney wasn't doing something right in the first place.  We get upset because we cherish the Disney magic.


  1. I love live entertainment in the parks, especially musical acts, I've seen a LOT of this stuff get trimmed over the years, still I keep hoping for new acts that I will enjoy too when I heard that Billy Hill and the hillbillies were going away I was hoping that some of that budget might be reallocated to bringing back something for the Golden Horseshoe, after all they tested a tribute to the old show last year as a part of "limited time magic" i'm still hopeful that something might happen this year, but won't be shocked if it does not. similarly when I heard about the Ziti sister were going away from Epcot that perhaps they have other acts lined up they want to use the ladies from this group in, as many of them are long time WDW cast who have been in many other roles over the years too, so again, we shall see.

    1. Yeah, it's always sad when they cancel stuff. Like I said in my entry, if we didn't feel sad, then it shouldn't have been there in the first place. But, we can always hope that something great will replace what we loved. And, I have seen it happen. But, still, it's always sad to see old acts and old friends go...


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