Trip Report: Disneyland 1/31 - 2/1/14 - Part 2 (Everything Else)

For this second half of my Trip Report, I'll be reporting on pretty much everything aside from the Happy Lunar New Year Celebration at Disney California Adventure.  LOL!

Click here to read the report on the Happy Lunar New Year Festival.
Beautiful Day
When I arrived on the afternoon of January 31, the day was a little overcast.  But, by the morning of February 1, it was absolutely beautiful.  Here are some photos to show how beautiful it was...

Meeting Red at the Radiator Springs Fire Department
Before heading over to the Happy Lunar New Year Celebration, I went to say hello to Red who always meets guests near the Radiator Springs Fire Department.  I love this location so much for him, but, on sunny days, it's hard to get a shot without a glare.

Meeting Dug and Russell by the Grizzly River Run Water Wheel
After a morning at the Happy Lunar New Year Celebration, I was heading over to Disneyland when I happened across Dug meeting at the Grizzly River Run Water Wheel in the Grizzly Peak Recreation Area.  Since the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail was closed for refurbishments, our favorite characters from UP had been meeting here.

And, of course, after I met Dug, I had to wait for Russell, who is one of my favorites!

Tangled Show at the Royal Theatre
When I got to Disneyland, I had to meet my friend Chris at Fantasy Faire.  While I was waiting, I noticed that seating was still open for the Tangled show at the Royal Theatre and decided to take a seat.  I absolutely love this show and I love the fact that they made the storytelling humorous.  It allows them to extremely condense the story without you questioning why they left this and that out.  Also, looking through my photos, it made me realize why I love Rapunzel.  She has such a wide range of emotions and it's just so fun taking pictures of her.  

Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree
After the Tangled show, I headed over to the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree to see, on the off chance, if there were any new characters out.  I don't know if it was the time of day that I went, but, when I got there it was only Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow who were out...which was fine because I actually really wanted to see Horace. I mean, it is the Year of the Horse and all...

After a little bit, Robin Hood and Friar Tuck and the Tremaines came out.

Again, it was fine as I really wanted to get my picture with the Tremaines as the last time I was there, Lady Tremaine had to go to attend to some business and I didn't get my picture with her.

Meeting Snow White in her new dress
When I was at Fantasy Faire earlier, I asked one of the Cast Members if Snow White would be out as I hadn't met her yet in her new dress.  The Cast Member told me she didn't think that she would be out that day.  But, for some reason, as I headed back up front from the Jamboree, something told me to head toward Snow White's Grotto.  And, guess who I saw.  Yup.  Snow White in her new dress.  I managed to get in line just as they were cutting it off.  Phew!

I have to admit that I must have been out of my mind with my first reaction of dislike to the dress.  While photos I had seen of it online changed my mind, seeing it in person just made me love it even more.  It's actually very beautiful, but isn't as jarring as the changes to the other Princesses dresses.  I love it!

Merida meeting in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle
As I left Snow White, I saw Merida making her arrival.  She stopped and chatted for a moment with Peter Pan and Captain Hook who were also meeting nearby. 

Then, she walked down the way to meet guests.  I thought it odd as I wondered if she still had her meet-and-greet area in front of "it's a small world."  Then, I realized that her area must have been blocked off from the filming of Brad Bird's Tomorrowland that they were setting up in that area.  I think, though, they should go ahead and move Merida to Fantasy Faire.  While I love her brothers as bear cubs, it seemed like she got an even bigger line when she met in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

And, after meeting Merida, I had to make my way out of Disneyland.  It was a short visit, but oh so fun!  And, as always, I looked at Sleeping Beauty Castle to say "Ta Ta For Now!"

Also, to see all the photos from my trip, you can check out my Flickr set!


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