The One In Which I Admit I Actually Like Lab Rats

Photo: Disney
Last night, the premier of the third season of Lab Rats aired on Disney XD.  I was watching with my nephews and found myself genuinely laughing in the same places they were laughing.  And, I realized that I like Lab Rats.  To tell you the truth, I find myself watching it even when they're not around.

First, I'm not saying that the show is not without its holes.  I mean, the show is basically about a self-absorbed billionaire tech wizard who has three bionic kids that he's held in his basement until his step-son discovers them and let's them free.  But, let's face it, the concepts on the Disney Channel and it sister stations are generally nonsensical.

Yet, I like this show.  And, honestly, I think it's gotten a bit better since it first started.  The introduction of Donald Davenport's (the self-absorbed billionaire tech wizard) brother Douglas (Jeremy Kent Douglas) as the show's villain, I think, helped not only bring things together a little more (or, at least, as much as it possibly can), but also added a slight bit of darkness to the series.  It also made Donald Davenport look a little less like a slave master by explaining that he rescued the three bionic kids, Adam, Bree and Chase, from his brother.

Photo: Disney
But, despite the darker elements, at its heart, the show is a comedy.  And, I find the cast genuinely funny and entertaining.  I've known Hal Sparks since he hosted Talk Soup on E! and then when he starred on Queer as Folk and I've always found him quite likable.  But, it's really the kids (Tyrel Jackson Williams, Spencer Boldman, Kelli Berglund and Billy Unger) that I think are just as talented and play off each other very well.  One of my favorite moments from last night's episode was when Adam (Boldman), Bree (Berglund) and Chase (Unger) are trapped on a ship and are discovered by the crew.  In a split second, Adam grabs Bree and announces, "Sir, we are not stowaways.  We're cruiser.  I'm Bob Dunwoody from Tampa, Florida.  This is my wife Joan."  And, without missing a beat, he points at Chase and says, "...and our lovely daughter Piper." Spencer Boldman's timing is priceless.

But, not only did this episode have its comedic moments, it also showcased their superpowers a little more.  Most of the episodes seem to revolve around things going on at school where they can't fully use their powers.  But, last night's episode balanced the comedy with a little more action.  It would be great to see more of this kind of balance.  And, it seems like they might as they seemed to have upped the stakes with Douglas Davenport's unholy alliance with the even more threatening Victor Krane (Graham Shiels) who was known as The Masked Man in the last season.

Again, listen...the Avengers or the Incredibles this is not.  But, for a half hour show on a television budget aimed at pre-teen to teenage males, it does the job.  And, in the end, I love the fact that I can watch and enjoy this show with my nephews.  For, isn't the great thing about Disney that it creates entertainment that can be enjoyed by the whole family?


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