Remembering John Henson & My Love Of Muppet*Vision 3D

Today, John Henson, the son of the legendary Jim Henson, passed away today from a massive heart attack.  John Henson, through the 1980s-2000s, was involved with The Jim Henson Company, most notably as the voice and actor of Sweetums.  When you watch Muppet Vision 3D at either Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort or Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, it is John Henson who plays Sweetums in the film.

This got me thinking about Muppet*Vision 3D and how I actually really enjoy this attraction. I often hear people saying that this attraction is past its prime, but, to me, it's like any of the classic Disney attractions.  The show is definitely entertaining and there are some genuinely funny Muppet humor in there.  For example, Miss Piggy being pulled across the water in the "Dream A Little Dream" number or Sam the Eagle's line, "A Salute to All Nations (But Mostly America)" are classic Muppets!

It saddens me that I always feel Muppet*Vision 3D, at least at Disney California Adventure, is always seeing one foot in the grave.  Is it something that I experience all the time?  No.  But, I also don't experience Pirates of the Caribbean or Haunted Mansion all the time either.

But, it's often used when the Disneyland Resort offers previews or special screenings of different things such as the Oz: The Great and Powerful preview last year.  And, the rumored Monstropolis mini-land that was supposed to take over the last vestige of the former Hollywood Pictures Backlot would have removed Muppet*Vision 3D for a Monsters, Inc. Door style roller coaster.  It's not that I'm not into progress and I understand the park is always changing.  But, it saddens me nonetheless.  Maybe its because it is the only Muppet attraction at the Disney Parks.  And, as John Henson's death reminded me, it is also the only thing in the Disney Parks that Jim Henson actually touched...not to mention that this was the last thing he worked on.

Whatever fate Muppet*Vision 3D might face, I hope that something comes that will pay proper tribute to not only the Muppets, but Jim Henson and his family.


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