Carl & Ellie: My Favorite Disney Couple EVER

It's Valentine's Day and I thought I'd blog today about my favorite Disney couple of all time - Carl & Ellie Fredricksen from Pixar's UP.

Carl meets Ellie when they are very young after hearing her play in an old house.  While Carl is shy, he's taken by her brash nature and her love of their common hero explorer Charles Muntz, who's catchphrase is "Adventure is out there!"  Ellie shows Carl her Adventure Book and a picture of Paradise Falls in the jungles of South America.  She proclaims that she wants to move their clubhouse (the old house in which they met) there and she makes Carl promise to help her.

Ellie may have certainly been loud and outspoken when the two are young, but the rest of Ellie's and Carl's life is played out with no dialogue...just the beautiful musical piece entitled "Married Life" by Michael Giacchino.  And, while we never hear the two talk to each other, we know everything there is to know.  We see them get married and move into the old house that was their club house.  We see them dreaming as young adults of having kids and, when we discover Ellie won't be able to have kids, Carl trying to accelerate his promise to bring her to Paradise Falls.  We then see life getting in the way and the money they've saved up going to unforeseen expenses.  And, in the twilight of their lives, we see Carl trying to finally make good on his promise, only to have tragedy strike.

While Ellie may have only been in the film for the first few minutes of the film, her spirit is felt throughout.  Her spirit is what motivates Carl and, ultimately, who teaches him a lesson on living life.  I think the reason why people relate to them as a couple so much is because we all have experienced both joys and tragedies in life.  We all have dreams we've tried to attain.  And, I think that, in the end, we'd love to have somebody to live through all these things together until the end.  They might not have had a classic fairy tale life, they had the life I think we all dream of.  If that's not happily ever after, I don't know what is.


  1. Good choice! Carl and Ellie are my favorite Disney couple, and I see the Rolling with the Magic blog did a valentines post on them also.


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