Throwback Thursday - 1/9/14 (Disney-MGM 1998)

So, this Throwback Thursday is a little big of a cheat because I shared it yesterday on Flickr.  But, since I didn't share it on the blog, I thought I'd share it anyway.  The whole thing came about during a conversation about the Sorcerer's Hat potentially being removed from Disney's Hollywood Studios.  It was installed in 2001 as part of Disney's 100 Years of Magic.  It was supposed to be temporary, but has stayed all this time and, in fact, has become the park's icon.

In all honesty, I don't like the hat at all.  When I was younger, we visited shortly after Disney-MGM opened and I always loved seeing the replica of Grauman's Chinese Theater (which houses the Great Movie Ride) at the end of the street.  It gave the whole entrance a distinctive Hollywood feel.  But, when the hat came in, personally, it just cheapened the look.  So, if the rumors are true and they will be removing it, I will be happy.

So, that said, here is today's Throwback Thursday from 1998 of my sister, cousins and I at Disney-MGM on Hollywood Boulevard with the Chinese Theater seen at the end of the street.


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