Thoughts On The New Maleficent Trailer and "Once Upon A Dream" Single

Last night, during the GRAMMYs, Disney released its newest trailer for the much anticipated film Maleficent.  Now, there have been two other trailers that have been released before this one, but this particular trailer has seemed to make people sit up and watch.  On twitter, several people who were not really interested in the film before admitted their interested was now piqued.

I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that it is the fact that "Once Upon A Dream" is playing in the background is a big reason for it.  Not only is it a beautiful and haunting rendition of it by Lana Del Rey, but it is classic Disney...not just because it's from a classic Disney film, but the song is symbolic of the Disney ideal.  Whenever I hear the song, I have a visceral reaction to it.  So, it was genius for Disney to include the song in the trailer.  And, not only that, but, through February 3, they've also made Lana Del Rey's "Once Upon A Dream" single available for free on Google Play!  So, download it soon!

[Side note:  Does anybody else find it interesting that the song was released free on Google Play rather than iTunes given Disney's relationship with Apple?]

I'm curious, though, as it seems like they're really trying to get us to think about Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty as we watch these trailers that they made so many fundamental changes to the mythos.  I won't talk about some of them as I don't know if all of them have been confirmed.  But, the biggest question is why isn't Maleficent green?  They've made a great effort to make Angelina Jolie look like the animated character and I have to admit that she channels a great Eleanor Audley in her vocal.  Why wouldn't they make her green?

That said, I have watched this trailer so many times and am loving it.  And while I was a little indignant before about Maleficent not being green, this trailer is making me forgive it.  I'm looking forward to seeing more!


  1. I really, really wish she was green. But, I am more interested in this movie than I ever was. I doubt I'll go to the movies to see it but I know I'll see it at some point.

    1. It just seems odd that they didn't make her green because, for the most part, she really does look like Maleficent. And, it seems they went to great odds to make her look like it. But, honestly, after seeing the trailers, it really is a minor quibble for me at this point. I just thought it odd that they didn't make her green.


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