New Year, New Blog Format, New Blog Name

When I first started this blog, I had just returned from the biggest trip of my lifetime - the Disney Dreamers Everywhere tour - where I, along with several other lucky Disney fans, were invited on a trip around the world in May 2013 to visit all five Disney Resorts around the world.  I wanted a way to easily share my photos and thoughts with family and friends.  And, I wanted to do it quickly before my memory started to fade on some of the details.

But, soon, I finished the Disney Dreamers Everywhere trip report and I was left with a blog I started where I had no other planned content.  So, I was posed with the question of whether I would just keep the blog as is and provide no other updates or whether I wanted to do more.  I decided to do the latter and started writing reports from other trips I had been on.  But, writing them can sometimes be time consuming and, as you can see, there had been lapses of time between some blog entries.

As this new year started, I knew I wanted to change the format of the blog so that it didn't just revolve around trip reports.  Yes, I will still do them and share photos from my Disney adventures for sure.  But, I also wanted to be able to share my thoughts about things going on in the Disney Universe.  This also now includes the Marvel and Star Wars Universes since Disney now owns them...and the fact that I'm a big geek.  And, with my New Year's Resolution being to write at least one blog entry every day, I want to make sure the content is fresh.

So, moving forward, I have changed the name of this blog to "CASTLES, CAPES & CLONES" which would incorporate Disney (Castles), Marvel (Capes) and Star Wars (Clones).

And, while the new blog format began at the beginning of the new year, I hope you enjoy the new format and encourage you to comment! 


  1. I swear every time I look at the URL / name of your blog in my mind I read it as "Castles, Crepes and Clones" !!! LMAO!!

    1. Maybe I'll turn the blog into a blog about cloning crepes in a castle. ;)


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