Celebrate the Year of the Horse at Disney California Adventure

Disney Parks Blog announced today that the Lunar New Year celebration will return to Disney California Adventure this year from January 31-February 2.  According to the blog:
"Throughout the celebration, a Chinese dragon dance troupe, lion dancers and Vietnamese and Korean dance groups will join Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Mulan and Mushu in Paradise Garden for the celebration. Guests will also have the chance to make their own paper lanterns, discover their Zodiac animals and more. And new this year will be the opportunity to take part in the tradition of writing wishes of good fortune and happiness to friends and family."
It looks like, this year, the celebration will move from San Francisco Street down to Paradise Garden where the popular Viva Navidad! took place.  I just wish that the Lunar New Year celebration lasted a little longer than 3 days!

Anyway, since this is Throwback Thursday and to get into the spirit, I thought I'd share photos I'd taken at the Lunar New Year celebrations in years past at the Disneyland Resort!


  1. They should definitely have Horace! (maybe even Bullseye)
    Do the other dancers meet and sign autographs, and is that a Terracotta warrior?
    Would be amazing if Fa Li and Fa Zhou were out

    1. OMG! I didn't even think about Horace! They should have Horace there. Hopefully, they will!

      As for the other dancers, they usually take pictures, but I'm not sure if they sign autographs. I think the dancers would have to have specific names in order for them to do it.

      And, yes, that is a Terracotta warrior. He was part of the entertainment in 2012.

      As for Fa Li and Fa Zhou, yes, it would totally be amazing. But, I'd settle for Li Shang at this point. I know he's a character and he should come out during Lunar New Year!


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