December 18, 2013 - Jingle Cruise - Take 2

With the weather much better than it was the first time I rode the Jingle Cruise, the holiday overlay of the classic Jungle Cruise attraction, I decided to give the attraction a second try.  This time, I went through the regular queue to check out some of the holiday decor there.

Along the way, I noticed they also added some holiday decor and costumes on some of the animals.

I still think there are many more places in which they could still add decor.  The ride primarily depends on the holiday inspired jokes of the Skippers which, I will say, are fun and a nice break from the regular jokes they tell during the year.  While I kept focusing on photo taking, I did manage to get a short video of one of the jokes...

Again, while the Jingle Cruise is not as complex of an overlay as Haunted Mansion Holiday or "it's a small world" holiday, I do think it is great that they did it and more holiday elements are always a welcome addition.  Maybe next year they can add not only more decor to the attraction but to Adventureland itself.  I'm campaigning for all of the lands at Disneyland to have holiday decor!


  1. What's interesting is that while DLP does not do full-out holiday decor across all lands either, they are exceptionally good at having Christmas decorations inside all their restaurants, which are themed specifically to that location. And I mean ALL restaurants, including the likes of Adventureland! They do an amazing job... DLP at Christmas is STUNNING!

    1. I can only imagine. All the photos I've seen (including many of yours) look AMAZING! I'd love to see it during Christmas one day.


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