December 18, 2013 - Christmas on Buena Vista Street

There's something very magical about Buena Vista Street on just your average day, but, during the holidays, it just feels so special.  You literally feel like you're walking along some shopping district in the 20s or 30s with the hustle and bustle of energy.  I've shared some of the special things on Buena Vista Street during the holidays, but here are a few more pictures.

One of the cutest ideas, though, was to have Santa at Disney California Adventure meet at Elias & Company Department Store on Buena Vista Street.  It brings back memories of meeting Santa at your local department store and they decorated the room so beautifully, including little displays illustrating "'Twas The Night Before Christmas."

You can also check out my blog for photos of my visit to Santa at Elias & Company as well as other holiday photos on Buena Vista Street including the Red Car News Boys Holiday Show, the fabulous Buena Vista Street Community Bell Ringers, and the wonderful Buena Vista Street Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.


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