December 17, 2013 - Mary Poppins Limited Time Magic

I went to check out the "Limited Time Magic" celebrating Mary Poppins in front of the Animation Building in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure.  I'm still lost as to why they decided to have this "Limited Time Magic" at Disney California Adventure when Main Street would have made a lovelier backdrop.  Regardless, they did have a cute chalk drawing backdrop and, while Mary Poppins and Bert are always at Disneyland, this "Limited Time Magic" produced a long line to meet them.  Maybe it was the addition of the Penguin to the meet.  It's always a pleasure to see him!


  1. Let me just tell you how much it annoys me that it seems like whenever Disneyland has a special meet and greet, they add a cute backdrop. Here, we got Mary and Bert, in Mary's normal location with an hour long wait.

  2. That's so crazy. Did they also have Penguins? I couldn't tell if it was them or the free poster that caused the longer line. It's probably because everybody was asking them to sign the posters. Anyway, it is interesting how Disneyland's seemed to step it up over the last few year years.

  3. No Penguins here. I would have loved to have them sign the poster but they couldn't sign anything. We were given autograph cards. They were also crazy strict with the posters. Only one per group. The woman that was handing them out was questioning me because I was by myself and she wanted to know what group I was with.

  4. They were somewhat strict about the posters at DCA. They. at first, told me we couldn't have another poster. But, I explained that we were from different households and they were nice about it. But, seriously, why would that woman question you for being alone. People have the right to meet characters without other people. Bleh. Glad I didn't check this out in Florida then. LOL!

    Although, I kind of wish they didn't let people sign the posters. It just made the line so much longer because they had to unroll the poster and then the characters had to sign against the backdrop. I was surprised we didn't get autograph cards, too.


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