December 15, 2013 - Viva Navidad! - Take 2

On this trip to the Disneyland Resort, at the top of my list was to watch the street party at Viva Navidad! and to hopefully meet the Three Caballeros.  As you might remember, the last time I tried to check out Viva Navidad!, it not only had rained cancelling the street party, but a media day Disney California Adventure was hosting took away the meets for the Three Caballeros that day.  Thankfully, the weather was much more cooperative on this trip.  There was no rain and, in fact, this winter day felt more like summer.

When I got to Paradise Gardens where Viva Navidad! was being celebrated, I saw that the street party was about to start.  I quickly found a place to watch.  Out came a float featuring our favorite fowl - The Three Caballeros - surrounded by Mariachi players and folklorico dancers.  The dancers performed traditional Mexican dances.

Here's a short clip of some of the folklorico dancers...

And, then, Brazilian Samba players and dancers gave an energetic and lively performance, joining in with the Mariachi performers and folklorico dancers.

And, here is a very short clip of one of the Samba dancers...

Then, out came Mickey and Minnie dressed in their colorful Latin inspired costumes.

At the end, all the singers, dancers, musicians along with the Three Caballeros, Mickey and Minnie join in a wonderful rendition of Feliz Navidad!

And, here is a clip of Feliz Navidad!

And, then, the street party ends with more lively music as Mickey, Minnie, and the Three Caballeros say good-bye!

Now, I have to admit that I was a little hesitant when they said they were having a street party.  Usually, they've involved some level of guest participation that I generally find annoying.  But, this street party was all about the music, the performers and the characters.  There is such an energy to this dance party that you can't help dancing along.  The Feliz Navidad number just had me smiling from ear to ear and, like most of the great holiday offerings at the Disneyland Resort, it really did put me in such a good holiday mood.

After the street party, I made way to the gazebo where the characters were meeting.  When I arrived, Mickey and Minnie were about to meet.  And, while I had met them the last time, I decided to say hello again as I love their outfits.

And, then...YAY!  After Mickey and Minnie, the Three Caballeros came out!  Yes, I have met them several times before, but not with their holiday overlay costumes on.  And, the Three Caballeros being one of my favorite Disney films, I always love to see them.

So, thankfully, the two things I wanted to see at Viva Navidad! came true.  I wish I could have played around more, but I had to make sure I got around to other things I hadn't been able to do.  I will say that Viva Navidad! is one of the best additions to the holiday offerings.  It's just so fun.  And, it's fantastic to see how they took an idea like celebrating Three Kings Day in January and really expanding it to this multi-week celebration.  I'm hoping they'll further expand other cultural celebrations!

If you want to see more pictures from Viva Navidad!, check out my report from November.


  1. Viva Navidad looks like so much fun. I wish they'd do things like this here. We get the same holiday entertainment year after year and while it is good, it gets boring.

  2. I have to say that Disneyland's entertainment has really stepped it up over the last few years. Viva Navidad started with the Three Kings Day celebration that only lasted a couple days at first. Then, it lasted a week. And, now, they expanded it throughout the holidays. But, what I love about this celebration is that it just seems different, even though it's technically an expansion. They keep adding and adding to it making it more fun. I'm hoping they'll continue to do this with other cultural celebrations.


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