December 15, 2013 - Meeting Jessie at the new Toy Story Meet-And-Greet

After leaving Viva Navidad!, we walked to the Boardwalk area of Paradise Pier.  I was actually glad we did because I hadn't been able to see the new Toy Story meet-and-greet area in the park where the Maliboomer used to be.  I remember when they closed Maliboomer and there were rumors that this area would be a meet-and-greet, but years went by and all it ended up becoming was a smoking area.  So, I was glad that the Toy Story characters finally got a permanent home.  It's a cute little area that matches the Boardwalk feel of the rest of the area.  Although, I do wish they used some more 3D elements, such as the Little Green Men holding this fun house mirror.

The same goes for this Rex and Bullseye on the California Screamin' photo opportunity.  Actually, I wanted take a picture of the character riding in the California Screamin' car, but the hosts said that they couldn't sit, but they could stand next to the car.  That didn't make any sense to have the character standing next to it if the whole thing is to make you look like you're riding. 

So, I opted to take a picture next to the High Striker.  I was actually glad that my first meet-and-greet in this area was with Jessie.  She's actually one of my favorite characters and I had my very FIRST magical memory at Disney California Adventure with Jessie.


  1. That's very odd that they put that car there but they can't go in it. Do they expect people to sit in it and have the character stand by it? LOL.

  2. Right? They kept telling me that Jessie could stand next to it, but it just defeated the purpose. Otherwise, it's a cute area and it's nice that the park is now more than a glorified smoking area.


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