December 15, 2013 - Meeting Holiday Daisy Duck & Santa Duffy

As we made our way around the Boardwalk, we stopped by the Paradise Pier Gazebo to see who was meeting there.  Much to my surprise, it was Daisy Duck in a holiday outfit!

It was so nice to see Daisy being given a spotlight.  She's not out very often at Disneyland and to have her at the Paradise Pier Gazebo was very cool.  She's actually one of my favorites to meet just because she always is lively and willing to give fun poses for pictures.

Over at Duffy's meet-and-greet, Duffy was dressed in his Santa costume.  I love the way they dress up his meet-and-greet area.  I really do think his meet-and-greet area here is the cutest at any of the Disney Resorts no matter what time of year.


  1. Daisy looks adorable! I also love Duffy's backdrop.

  2. I was very impressed that they not only put Daisy in a holiday outfit, but that she was meeting at such a prominent spot in Paradise Pier. As for Duffy's meet-and-greet area, I think he has the nicest area at DCA. And I love the holiday overlays they do for it.


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