2013 Disney Dreamer Year In Review - Part 3

Next up was the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  It was here where we met some of the rarest characters I've ever met outside of Disneyland Paris.  We also happened to be here during both Star Wars Weekends and the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival and I was very excited to take part!

And the final stop was the Disneyland Resort Paris in Marne-la-Vallée, France.  This was the Main Event on the trip and loaded with lots and lots of events and meet-and-greets with characters just as rare, if not even more rare, than the ones we encountered anywhere along the trip.  The event also introduced Shellie May, Duffy the Disney Bear's friend, to the Disneyland Resort Paris.  Until that time, she had been exclusive to Tokyo DisneySea at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.  At the end of the trip, we were treated to one of the most fabulous Broadway-style musical production!

And, now...this brings us to PART 4...

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  1. You included me! :)

    I looked through all five parts and I enjoyed seeing your pictures. I thought about doing something similar but it's so overwhelming to go through all my pictures and narrow down what the highlights of the year should be.

  2. Of course I would include you! You were part of my adventure!!!! :)

    Thanks for looking through my Year in Review. It is a daunting task indeed. The hard part is trying to figure out which photos I'd actually include. I thought my brain was going to fall out of my head. But, I actually manged to put together all 5 parts all of last night and for a few hours this morning. You should try to do one because you have just as many awesome Disney adventures and it's kind of fun to look through all your photos over the year. :)

  3. I actually started to put one together last night. Whether or not I finish it has yet to be determined, lol.

  4. LOL! Well, I hope you do as I will definitely read it! BTW, I'm continuing to work on my blog and am going to add a link section soon and will definitely link to your blog!

  5. Did the Aurora Miranda lookalike sign autographs? Is she really called "Ya-ya"? Again, were you able to chat with her?

    1. As I said in another comment, I don't usually do autographs, so I'm not sure if she did or not. I don't see why she wouldn't have been able to, though. And, yes, she was called Yaya. She was the Yaya in the song sequence "Os Quindins de Yaya" from "The Three Caballeros." And, yes, I was able to chat with her. She was delightful!


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