2013 Disney Dreamer Year In Review - Part 4

Now that the biggest trip of my lifetime I was over, it was time to settle back into normal life.  Now, I was a little farther from the Disneyland Resort.  But, still...there are always adventures.  I realized that I now lived not too far from Point Buchon which is where they filmed the lighthouse films for Pete's Dragon, one of the seminal Disney films from my childhood.  So, I decided to make a field trip for my nephews to go check it out.  While the lighthouse is no longer there, it was fun to imagine what it might have looked like.

In July, I made my first trip back down to Southern California after the big trip.  I was still extremely exhausted from the trip, but looking forward to seeing many of the things that had been going on at Disneyland.  But, first up was a stop to Universal Studios Hollywood where I knew the Minions from Despicable Me were now meeting and that they had set up a better meet-and-greet area for the Transformers.

Over at Disneyland, several things were happening, including Mike and Sulley were meeting in their Monsters University costumes and Sophia the First was meeting on Hollywood Land over at Disney California Adventure as well as the new Monsters University contingent in the Pixar Play Parade.  Mickey and the Magical Map had also started showing at the Fantasyland Theater.  It also was the 58th Anniversary of Disneyland and I've always tried to make it a point to be there for the celebration.

After my trip to Disneyland, it was now time for San Diego Comic-Con International, the annual pilgrimage of geeks around the world!  Disney did not have that big of a presence there, most likely due to the D23 Expo that would be held in August.  But, there was the ABC booth featuring Once Upon A Time, an offsite Disney Infinity exhibit (which I sadly never made it into ) and the Cosplayers dressing as Disney characters.  And, of course, there was plenty of Marvel and Star Wars, both of which are owned by Disney!

In August, it was time for the D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center!  For those unfamiliar with it, the D23 Expo is like the Comic-Con of Disney fans.  And, as Disney does, they put on a great show.  This was also the first time that Marvel characters would be out to meet guests at any Disney function as well as the debut of the Doc McStuffins meet-and-greet character (who I sadly didn't get to meet as I was at the Disney Interactive presentation).

And, now on to the final 2013 Disney Dreamer Year In Review entry - PART 5...

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  1. Hi Loren!
    The OUAT characters were actual character performers right? Did they sign any autographs whatsover? Did you chat with them? I'd love to meet Emma and Regina!

    1. It's a controversial subject among character hunters as to whether the OUAT characters are indeed characters or not. I am actually going to blog about it later today to give my opinion (in a nutshell, yes, I think they are actual characters). I'm not sure, though, if they signed autographs as I don't usually do autographs. But, I did chat with them and they were, for the most part, in character. It was fun being able to meet them!


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