November 23, 2013 - World of Color: Winter Dreams - TAKE 2

Later in the evening, I returned to Disney California Adventure in hopes of seeing World of Color: Winter Dreams.  As you might remember, when I tried to attend it the night before, there were technical difficulties and the show was ultimately cancelled.  But, I didn't want to leave without seeing it once.

The show started off with "Glow," a all-new song featuring an Honor Choir made up of people on the Internet.  It was quite a beautiful number.  Although, there was part of me that was a little nervous that the show would stop again.

Thankfully, the show continued!  And we are treated to some short clips of winter and Christmas themed Disney animation...

Then, Frozen's loveable snowman Olaf comes out to host the show!

We are treated to more winter clips from different Disney animation...

Then, we get to relive the wonderful scene from Bambi in which Thumper teaches Bambi how to skate on the ice...

After, Elsa, the Snow Queen from Frozen, sings "Let It Go" in which she unleashes her snow powers!

Here is a video of a clip I took from the "Let It Go" sequence...

Olaf then comes out to introduce a holiday tribute to "it's a small world."

This then transitions to Rapunzel and Flynn releasing their lanterns and leads into the song "I See The Light."  It's a beautiful number, but I kind of wish they stuck with the original soundtrack rather than a pop cover version.

After, there is a song about "Peace."

Olaf then comes out again and introduces "The Nutcracker Suite" as performed by the toys from Toy Story.  It's a fun bit, particularly the Tea Dance featuring the Little Green Men and Rex.  But, it also seemed overly long.  I think part of it is because, as much as I love Toy Story, I feel they're oversaturated in the parks and to devote the longest portion of the show to them seemed a little much.

Olaf comes out again and performs his own number from Frozen - "In Summer!"

He then leads us in an energetic holiday sing-a-long where we follow along with his bouncing butt.  LOL!  You have to see the film to understand the humor behind it.

And, finally, Olaf comes out to introduce a spectacular finale which incorporates lights all throughout Paradise Pier, a new feature for this show.  It looks absolutely amazing!

When the show ends, Paradise Bay and World of Color wishes us "Happy Holidays!"

They did a fantastic job with this show and, I hope, becomes something that they present and expand on for years to come!


  1. It looks very similar to the winter version of the Disney Dreams in DLP


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