November 23, 2013 - Meeting Ariel

As I entered Disneyland, I saw Ariel meeting people out front.  I had not met her yet in her new dress.  I have to admit that it's not as bad as some other pictures I've seen of the dress.  I didn't really think there was anything wrong with the previous dress.  But, I guess I like it better than Aurora's new dress (which I still absolutely hate) and Belle's new dress (I'm kind of "eh" about that one thinking the original dress looked like more like the one she wears in the movie).


  1. Those sleeves are horrendous. I also like her old dress too. I just wish they gave her a dress from the movie.

    You hate Aurora's dress too! I get so much flack for hating it. I admit that I like it better now than I used to but the sleeves need to be ripped off.

    1. Yeah, I hate Aurora's dress. Every time I look at it, it just looks cheap. I don't know why they chose to dull down the color. She just looks flat in it. I'm glad I'm not the only one, though. :)

    2. It looks cheap because it is cheap. I heard that it falls apart when they wash it. She's supposed to get a new dress with better material. Unfortunately, it will still look the same though.


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