June 3-12, 2011 - Becoming A Disney Dreamer

So, I've been going through my photos trying to decide where to blog about next and ultimately decided to blog about the trip in which I became an official Disney Dreamer.  It was a trip I was invited to in June 2011 and my life has changed forever since.

On this trip, we began our journey in London, England and then traveled to Disneyland Paris and, finally, ended our trip at my home resort of Disneyland, the Original Magic Kingdom.

Anyway, I'm going through my photos right now and hope to start blogging about it either later today or tomorrow.  So, stay tuned!


  1. Soooo... dare I ask when we might get the next instalment? :P lol

  2. Btw... I just came back here to see if you had actually updated anything today, and me thinks you moved coasts... ;) LOL!


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