July 15, 2013 - Pixar Play Parade During Disney Monstrous Summer

After meeting Sofia, I went to watch the Pixar Play Parade as I hadn't had an opportunity to see the new Monsters University unit.  Fortunately, there seemed to be lots of spaces on Hollywood Boulevard, which is where I usually like to watch the parade.

I have to admit that I was disappointed with the new Monsters University unit.  I knew they were basically refitting the old Monsters, Inc. unit with a few additions here and there, but, it ended up highlighting a problem for me...and that is the continual removal of actual characters from the parade.  While they added Art to the parade, they removed Boo, George Sanderson and Needleman.  I feel they could have at least kept George Sanderson since he still has a role in Monsters University.  But, the biggest disappointment was that Squishy, Terry and Teri were reduced to sort of backpacks.  I thought they were cute, but, I would have liked to have seen them as actual characters.  

The rest of the parade was the same Pixar Play Parade that we've seen for the last umpteen years...

I really don't mean to get down on the parade and it's nothing against all the fantastic performers, many who I know have performed this parade for years.  But, it really does feel like an old parade that just can't be fixed with some cosmetics.


  1. I saw "MU" last week, and that movie was so fun!!
    So, it's great to see characters from the movie...BUT
    I really agree that characters from Monsters Inc should have not been removed... Monsters Inc is "original one" so old characters are needed.



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