October 20, 2012 - The North Shore

Later that day, my cousin and I took some other relatives to the North Shore.  What's interesting about the North Shore is that it is much more green than the Leeward side of the island.  With less development going on and less dense populations of people, it feels more like the Hawaii one thinks of when they think of Hawaii.

Last time I was up there, I went to see the Honu (Sea Turtles) at Turtle Beach in Laniakea, I got to see one right up close as they were resting up on the beach.  It was the most amazing experience.  I am one of those people who almost cry (oh, who am I kidding...I cry) when I get really close to animals that way.  There is just something so primal about it.  While, admittedly, I'm not an outdoorsy person, I live for these moments with animals in nature.

So, of course, I wanted to go see if we could see the Honu again.  When we went this time, we didn't quite get as close an experience, but we still were able to see a Honu swimming and I was equally as excited.

It was a little annoying that everybody kept surrounding the Honu!  But, I'm glad that there a volunteers there who help keep people from harassing the turtles while, at the same time, spend some time educating visitors on this wonderful creatures.

After visiting the Honu, we drove through Haleʻiwa, a charming town that is also the largest commercial center on the North Shore.  

On an aside, this is how nerdy I am.  I was looking at the name "Hale'iwa."  Knowing the word 'Iwa from the Aulani as being a type of bird called a frigate bird and, knowing the word Hale from The 'Ōlelo Room as "House," I wondered if Hale'iwa meant "House of the Frigate Bird."  A Google Search later and I realized I was right!  I deserved a Hawaiian Shave Ice!

The best shaved ice on the island is found in Hale'iwa at a place called Matsumoto's Shave Ice.  Well...we didn't end up going there because the line was from here to tomorrow.  So, we ended up stopping at the Aloha General Store at the North Shore Marketplace.

Now, while I have no idea if this was actually Hawaii's Best Shaved Ice as the sign claims, it was pretty darn good and a nice treat before we had to head back to the Aulani.

As we drove back, I saw the most amazing lighting on the mountains as the sun began to set...

It was a nice day of sightseeing and was great to get to see different sides of O'ahu.  I wish I had more time to see even more.  But, at least, I feel I got to give my family a good taste and it will be something to look forward to on a future trip!


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