October 20, 2012 - Meeting Cop and Robber Kipe & Kala!

When we returned to the Aulani after a fabulous day of sightseeing, we headed out to the Waikohole Valley where several other family and friends had spent the day at one of the Cabanas.  But, before I managed to get over there, I saw Chip 'n' Dale...I mean, Kipe 'n' Kala...dressed in their Halloween costumes as a Cop and Robber!

While, I believe, Chip's Cop costume is the same as I've seen at Disneyland, Dale's Robber costume is different, particularly the mask being red.  It was actually wonderful seeing him dressed as a Robber again as he only dresses as a Cop as well now.

It was nice that Kipe 'n' Kala were both the first and last characters I got to meet at the Aulani!


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