October 19, 2012 - More Character Greetings At The Aulani

After the maka'ika'i, I went down to see Donald Duck who I heard was meeting in the Waikohole Valley.  A couple of the character hosts told me that it was rare for him to come out.  So, I was quite excited to see him!

Later in the day, I got to meet other characters as they came out and about.  Now, on that day, they just started having characters meeting in Halloween costumes as the Aulani began to celebrate Halloween.  Minnie came out as a witch and Mickey as a vampire.  What was nice was, while I've seen them as a witch and a vampire before at Disneyland, their costumes were different.

And, later, I saw Goofy who was dressed in his regular Aulani outfit.  What was cool, though, was that he was meeting people near the Waikohole Stream.  Unfortunately, I was wearing jeans and shoes at the time, so, I had to meet him outside of the water. 

What was interesting, though, was, later, he came out in his Halloween costume.  He was dressed as a mummy!  I usually see him as a skeleton on Halloween, so it was fun to see him in this costume!

And, finally, later, Donald was out again in a different location.  I love this location for meets and, so, I had to say hello again!


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