October 19, 2012 - Mickey & Minnie Attend My Cousins' Fairy Tale Wedding...

In the afternoon, it was time for the reason why we were all at the Aulani - to attend my cousins' wedding!

I'm telling you that you couldn't have asked for a prettier afternoon in a prettier location.  Their wedding was on the patio of the 'AMA 'AMA restaurant because the lawn in which the Aulani normally has weddings is under refurbishment.  But, the location was just lovely...

Seriously, what a fairy tale wedding!

Afterward, it was on to the reception.  I'm not really going to share a lot of photos from the reception, not because it wasn't fun, but mainly because it's my cousins' wedding and its their story to tell.  So, for all intent and purposes, this being a Disney interest blog, I'll skip to the part where Mickey and Minnie arrive at the reception!  But, before I do, I thought I'd share the cute name card they designed featuring Lilo & Stitch in the form of a Disneyland ticket.  Yes, it says Mlle. Loren Javier because that's how I RSVP'd.  LOL!  And, it says Haunted Mansion because each table was named after a favorite Disneyland attraction.  So cute!

Okay...on to Mickey and Minnie at the reception!

They arrived at the reception in outfits different than the ones they wear during the day.  Their outfits were less laid back beach wear and more formal with their own special leis.  They helped my cousins cut their wedding cake!

...and they were even nice enough to help clean them off.  LOL!

After the cake cutting, Mickey and Minnie stayed awhile to dance with the bridge and groom and the guests!  Now, when my cousin informed me that Mickey and Minnie were going to make an appearance, I knew I was going to freak out...

...but, I shouldn't have been surprised that everybody would be touched by the magic of Mickey and Minnie, because EVERYBODY freaked out.  Everybody wanted to dance with Mickey and Minnie!

It was such a fabulous night and a great wedding!


  1. Why did you RSVP as Mlle? You mean as in mademoiselle?...

  2. How long have you know me?

    Of course I meant mademoiselle! Actually, I RSVP'd as Mademoiselle Loren Javier, but they shortened it to Mlle. ;)


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