October 18, 2012 - Pu‘u Kilo, Waikohole Stream And Pool

That afternoon, we all decided to spend the day in the Waikohole Stream, the wonderful lazy river that flows through most of the Waikohole Valley in the center of Disney's Aulani Resort & Spa.

There are several ways you can enter the Waikohole Stream, but none better than the Tubestone Curl down  Pu‘u Kilo, the volcanic mountain that towers over the Waikohole Valley.

The greatest thing about the stonework that you see along the Waikohole Stream and on Pu‘u Kilo itself are the animals that suddenly appear before your eyes, similar to the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  The animals within the stonework, however, are all animals native to Hawaii.

Here are some of the animals I saw...

Now, truth be told, I'm really not a water park person.  I just don't enjoy it.  But, the Waikohole Stream definitely made a believer out of me.  I think spending time in it is the first time I ever felt really relaxed.  It was wonderful.

Do I look relaxed or what?

On the other side of Pu‘u Kilo is the Waikohole Pool.  The water is so warm and luxurious.  I actually did not want to get out.

While you can get in the pool any which way, like the Waikohole Stream, the best way is through the waterslide.  This time, it's the Volcanic Vertical which you also access as the top of Pu‘u Kilo.  It's like the Space Mountain of waterslides.  It is completely enclosed and extremly dark and goes on for what seems forever.

Again, I cannot tell you how wonderful the Waikohole Stream and Pool are and, like the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Pu‘u Kilo is one of my favorite Disney icons!


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