October 18, 2012 - The Kālepa's Store

After walking around for awhile more, we found that the Kālepa's Store was finally open for the day!  Time to look at merchandise!

The word "Kālepa" means "merchant."  The story for this particular Kālepa's Store is that it was named for the Aunty's father-in-law who owned a store in Ko Olina long before they constructed the resort.

Here are some of the cool Aulani specific things I found within the store.  Now, if only I weren't so broke at the time that I could have actually brought more of this stuff home with me.  LOL!


  1. I want the Chip, Dale and Stitch plushes!

  2. I know! I wanted them, too! I really wanted to get one for you, but, I was on such a limited budget that I couldn't even get one for myself. Next time for sure!!!!


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