October 18, 2012 - Character Greetings At The Aulani

While I was relaxing in the Waikohole Stream, I also made sure I was keenly aware of the times that the characters would be meeting and would run in and out of the Stream all day long to get in line.  LOL!

Anyway, first to come out was Stitch!  While he had his classic Plumeria lei that he wears at other Disney Resorts, I loved his purple hat.  So cute!

Later, Goofy arrived in his unbuttoned Aloha shirt, kukui nut lei and swim trunks.  Goofy looked like he was having a good day in the Waikohole Valley!

Before he left, Goofy decided to audition for this lady's Maid of Honor and help her with her wedding dress. It was so cute and caught the bride totally by surprise.

Right after Goofy, Mickey and Minnie came out in their Hawaiian clothing...

And, later, I saw Stitch again in a different location.  I actually liked this spot and it made for a nice photo backdrop.  Plus, how can you ever get enough of Stitch?

What I found interesting is that Lilo is not on the roster of characters that come out at the Aulani.  I had heard rumors that she was not brought out because Native Hawaiians found her depiction insulting because she was not voiced by a Native Hawaiian, but I asked a few cast members who only told me that she wasn't there because she lives on another island.  So, I don't know if that's actually true, but, there was a lot of the "keep the magic alive" speak that made me think it could be true.

So, these are the characters I got to meet that day.  But, don't worry...more characters to come!


  1. I like this! In fact my family is going to Hawaii for 2 weeks at the end of August. And we're going to stay at this Disney resort. I didn't even know they would have characters there too!

  2. Glad it's helpful, Tracy! There are actually quite a few character opportunities during the day. The characters are actually out quite frequently. Just be sure to pick up the Daily 'Iwa, the resort's daily newspaper, for the schedule of meet-and-greets. And, be sure to check out the Starlit Hui! Not only are there character meets there, but it's just a fantastic show!


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