October 17, 2012 - Mo'olelo Storytelling

One of the things on the Daily 'Iwa, again the Aulani's daily newspaper, had listed was the Mo'olelo Storytelling.  Held at The Circle of 'Alae'Ula Firepit near the 'AMA 'AMA restaurant, Uncle tells stories of Hawaiian legend and incorporates music and song.

I found this such an enchanting and wonderful program.  It had such reverence to Hawaiian culture and was not only entertaining, but educational as well.  And, wow...you couldn't ask for a better backdrop with the sun setting.  I enjoyed it so much I went to participate again later in the evening.

This was truly one of my favorite programs at the Aulani.  If Uncle's telling his tales while you're there, I highly recommend going and visiting him.


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