October 17, 2012 - Meeting Aulani Chip 'n' Dale...or Kipe 'n' Kala!

After listening to Uncle spin his tales at The Circle of 'Alae'Ula Firepit, I went to go and meet Aulani Chip 'n' Dale!  They were wearing the cute bright orange surfer shirts and kukui nut leis they wore at the Shake-A-Shaka Pool Party.  However, this time, I noticed the words "KIPE" on Chip's shirt and "KALA" on Dale's shirt.  I asked one of the cast members what the names meant and she told me that it was their names in Hawaiian.  How awesome!


  1. I'm so desperate to go to Hawaii!
    Maybe after our Fairy Tale Wedding at DL, we'll go to the Aulani for our honeymoon LOL! :P
    (Somehow I doubt either is going to happen! Lol)

    1. In the immortal words of me...DO IT!!!!


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