May 9, 2013 - A Table Is Waiting

After meeting some characters, we were off to the Dockstage Stage near the S.S. Columbia for the "A Table Is Waiting" show!

Again, this show was entirely in Japanese, but, the whole concept revolves around Lumiere proudly presenting your dinner.

Mickey and friends then come out and representing various meals around the world.  First up are Mexican Tacos served by Chip 'n' Dale and Donald Duck...

...then Daisy Duck serves up some Indian Spice Curry...

...Pluto then comes out to build an American Cheeseburger...

...Goofy puts together a Makunouchi Bento Box...

...and Minnie and Mickey present a lovely French Dessert medley!

..then Mickey and some of the dishes try to play a joke on the audience involving pies...

At the end, all the characters come out for one giant international culinary cabaret!

And, finally, Lumiere comes out to let everyone know that a table is waiting!

I rank this as one of my favorite shows at any Disney Parks if just for its creativity, high energy and beautiful costumes.  I love the idea of this international smorgasbord featuring all of the characters.  And, again, while in a different language, it is not difficult to understand what is happening.  I am so glad to have gotten to see it.  But, now I'm bummed that I didn't get the cute bag plushies of the characters in these costumes.  Oh, time. :)


  1. From my understanding, this show is actually a sequel to the show that was there for the 10 years previous to it.
    It was called 'Over the Waves', and it was a cruise themed show that involved stowaways. This new show is now the characters have returned from their voyage, and are sharing the culinary delights that they discovered on their cruise.
    Or something like that LOL!
    Jon and I saw Over the Waves in 2010 when we went, and it's on our website if anyone is interested to look :)

  2. Oooh...goes to check out pictures. :)


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