May 9, 2013 - A Return To Duffy Land And A Meet With ShellieMay!

After our breakfast, we walked through Cape Cod Village (aka Duffy Land) to meet ShellieMay, Duffy's friend who can only be found at Tokyo DisneySea!

This gave me an opportunity to also take a look at Duffy's meet-and-greet area.

One of the more interesting things about the area that differentiates it from the U.S. Disney Parks is that there is a queue area that accommodates long lines.  As I showed you before, when we were at Tokyo DisneySea a few days before, ShellieMay's line was 60 minutes.  I've heard that's relatively reasonable for their meet-and-greet area.  We were lucky that our wait was only 30 minutes!

The area itself is actually quite charmingly decorated...

Finally, when we rounded the curve, we were ready to meet ShellieMay!  And, remember how I told you about Tokyo Disneyland Resort's crazy camera rules?  Well, the same applied here.  But, we just played dumb and I continued to take some pictures.   LOL!

Yes, I am a 44 year old man excited to meet a giant teddy bear.  Live the dream.  Experience the magic.  Moving on... ;)

ShellieMay was dressed in her Spring Voyage best!  It was exciting to meet her at Tokyo DisneySea because, at the time (I'll get to this later), she was exclusive to that park.  Super kawaii, peeps!


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