May 9, 2013 - Closing Ceremony for the Tokyo Disneyland Resort

That evening, our Closing Ceremony for the Tokyo Disneyland Resort was held for us in the Cinderella Ballroom at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel...

Our host came out with the same translator who cracked us up during the Opening Ceremony and Tokyo Disneyland Resort Amabassador Ayaka Nagai to welcome us...

...and invited us to enjoy a delicious dinner...

After our dinner, the host and translator came out to start the Closing Ceremony.  And, our came dancers and Mickey and Friends in their 30th Anniversary costumes!

They were then joined by Snow White and her Prince as well as Cinderella and Prince Charming!

And, then, Duffy and ShellieMay came out in their 30th Anniversary costumes!

After the opening number, we had an opportunity to take a few pictures of and with the characters...

This was a historic event!  You see, while Duffy and ShellieMay are friends and have appeared together in the Spring Voyage shows, until this event, they were actually not allowed to meet people together.  So, our pictures together with Duffy and ShellieMay are the first time people were able to take with them together.

After we took a few pictures with the characters, the characters posed for one photo together...

Now, you might have noticed that, from the photo above are Donald and Daisy.  That's because they were getting ready for the Disney Dreamers Everywhere Passport hand off as Daisy was our Character Ambassador for Tokyo and Donald was our Character Ambassador for California.  So, after our photos, Donald came out in what was described as "traditional clothes worn in Califronia."  LOL!

And. then, Daisy came out in traditional Japanese Kimono...

...and then handed off the Passport to Donald who would then guide us on our way to the original Magic Kingdom in Anaheim, California!

And, with that, Mickey and Friends bid Donald farewell as he would accompany us on our trip...

...and then they bid adieu to us!

After we said good-bye to our character friends, I said good-bye to our fabulous tour guides at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

After dinner, we headed over to Tokyo Disneyland to finish our evening with the Happiness on High fireworks spectacular.  But, because of high winds, I think we ended up only seeing Cinderella Castle being lit up.  Either way, it was a nice way to end the evening.

And, as we left the park, I looked up at Walt's window in the World Bazaar and reflected on the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

Whereas Hong Kong Disneyland is the "Little Park That Could," I feel Tokyo Disneyland is a place that respects that magic.  While there are some criticisms based mostly on the layout for massive amounts of crowds, I do think that the resort does many things extremely well!

First and foremost, the thing I can say about the resort are that the people are amazing.  The fans are always smiling and so happy to be there to experience the magic.  I didn't get a sense of the crabbiness I often feel in the U.S. Parks.  And, like in Hong Kong, the cast members are always friendly and willing to help you in whatever way they can.

While we didn't get to experience many of the attractions in Tokyo Disneyland itself, I will say that the ones I did ride were either comparable or even better than another versions.  Pooh's Hunny Hunt and Splash Mountain were absolute favorites.

Tokyo DisneySea was a marvel to look at and experience!  The level of detail in that park is absolutely amazing and everything is so well thought out.

And, as I've said repeatedly within my entries, the characters and the performers are fantastic and so high energy.  The costumes and outfits they wear are the cleanest, brightest and most vibrant I've ever seen in any Disney Park!

The shows are off the charts and, while most of it is in Japanese, you really don't care because they're so fun!

And the merchandise is so amazing!  I just wish I had endless streams of money to burn because there was so much stuff I would have loved to have bought.  It really makes me wonder why they don't have a lot of this merchandise in the United States.

Perhaps my biggest criticism is the ONE picture, ONE camera rule.  As a person who loves to meet and take pictures of characters, it can often be frustrating to told no.

But, that said, I had an AMAZING time at Tokyo Disneyland and I long to return sooner rather than later!  


  1. The 3 of us have to go together someday. I really mean it. You HAVE to lol. Then we can experience everything top to bottom, start to end, properly! :D
    Well, I want to say the same for DLP too, but we have had a little more luck as late with getting you into things on the fly lol.
    But still,there are so many more details to be seen and little things to experience.
    As for your final thoughts on the Resort as a whole... I do love it, I won't deny that... but it does irritate me more than anywhere else.
    I HATE the photography rules. One camera. One shot. Not inside buildings. Blah blah..
    The sheer insanity of the place, and how busy it gets drives me nuts. Halloween was unbearable.
    Lots of things need BADLY updating, suc as Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and a few other areas.
    But anyways, that's me :P

  2. Believe me...I definitely would love to go! I'd love to also go back to Hong Kong Disneyland with you guys again, too!

    I'm so glad we did end up going to Tokyo DisneySea on our free day because I would have been sad not to have experienced Mermaid Lagoon.

    I did think, though, that the time we went (not the day of the national holiday) felt fairly manageable in terms of crowds. The weather was also beautiful. I'd be curious to see how insane the crowds get...although, it would probably get to me. LOL!

  3. Thank you for visiting TDR, also Tokyo city. I read all your report, and I am glad that you could enjoy your trip in Japan.

    Yeah I agree, Japanese Merchandise is better than US. I think cause of many Japanese (even adult) love Disney characters, everyone says "Kawaii"
    So, many "kawaii" Merchandise is full of in Japan.

    TDR has high energy & high passions for entertainment, I hope this strong point would continue forever! One shot, One photo rule... Japanese custom is making strict rules (LOL)

    But, I also love US park too! California is first Disney Park, and when I visit there, I feel Walt's spirit better than TDR I mean I feel historical Disney things. So, your home park has also good point :)
    "Remember Dream Come True" Fireworks is my best entertainment!! Full of
    respectful Walt Disney.

    Please come back to Japan again, I am waiting you guys!!
    And then, Let's enjoy TDR together with me!


  4. Hi, Ryo! Yes, I absolutely loved the Tokyo Disneyland Resort! And, I would definitely love to come back and explore the parks with you!

    I agree that Disneyland in California has the closest spirit to Walt Disney. It is undeniable feeling it when you walk around the park. But, despite some things at TDR, I do think they get the spirit of what these parks should be and you can see it in the faces of the Disney fans who visit. Tokyo Disneyland is a wonderful place!


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