May 8, 2013 - Return to the Arabian Coast

After Indiana Jones Adventure, we went to the Arabian Coast to say hello to some favorite characters.

We saw Genie...

...and Abu...

...and Jafar from Aladdin!

Daisy Duck was wearing her Arabian outfit...

...and Angel and Stitch were also wearing their Arabian outfits!

It's at this point that I'll talk about the weird camera rule that they have at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.  This might be the most frustrating thing.  While, at walk up meet-and-greets, like the ones for the Aladdin characters, you can take as many pictures as you want.  BUT, if the character has an organized queue, you can only take ONE picture with ONE camera.  This means, you have to choose if you want a picture of the character by themselves or one with you.  You can only take ONE picture.  And, if your family and friends are wanting the SAME picture you are taking at the SAME time you're taking the picture, then too bad so sad for you.  Now, I can understand that, since characters in Tokyo can often command long lines, that you can only take the ONE picture.  I still think some people take way longer with their character interaction and getting autographs than it would to take TWO or THREE pictures.  But, in this argument, I'll grant them that.  However, the ONE camera rule was just so weird...especially if several people were going to take pictures at exactly the same time.  Not at different times.  EXACTLY THE SAME TIME.  It made no sense to me.

I was only able to get the pictures of Angel and Stitch alone because I just happened to snap pictures as I walked away.  The pictures of Stitch I took while a group of people were interacting with Stitch during their moment with him.

Alright...enough with my rant.

To keep it positive, here are some more pictures of Japanese Disney fans that I loved!


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