May 8, 2013 - Mystic Rhythms

We then headed over to the Hangar Stage in the Lost River Delta where we went to see "Mystic Rhythms," a Cirque du Soleil type show.

Just like every show that we saw in Tokyo, this show did not lack from energy or amazing performances.  The show revolves around spirits of the rain forest appear to show the great circle of nature.  Absolutely breathtaking!


  1. Don't hate me, but I actually really disliked this show. A lot. I felt very uncomfortable with the water scenes, and the show just didn't sit well in a Disney theme park for me.

  2. LOL...I'm not going to hate you. It's not a show for everybody. I agree it's not really a Disney theme park type show. But, I did enjoy it.

    Just curious...what made you feel uncomfortable with the water scenes?


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