May 8, 2013 - My Friend Duffy

The next morning was just a gorgeous one.  You could even see Japan's famous Mount Fuji as we approached Cape Cod Village at Tokyo DisneySea.

We started this morning going to see the "My Friend Duffy" show at the Cape Cod Cook-Off.

The story is divided into two 10 minute shows with a 5 minutes intermission in between.  The shows run continuously throughout the day.  The first show revolves around Minnie's making Duffy for Mickey to keep him company during his travels.

The second show revolves around the characters seeing Mickey and Duffy off as they journey around the world.  This show also introduces Duffy's seagull friend Tippy Blue.

The show is all in Japanese, but, for the most part, like all shows at Tokyo Disneyland, you get the drift.  

Actually, when I think about it, it's pretty impressive the amount of production that goes into these two shows given that the Cape Cod Cook-Off is actually a counter service restaurant that serves burgers and such.  I can't imagine a show like this being done in a US Park for a similar venue.  The last time I remember something somewhat like this was when Big Thunder Ranch BBQ (which is prefixed table service and not counter service) at Disneyland had character dining and the Toy Story bits throughout the day.  But, inexplicably, they quickly removed the show.  I might have heard wrong, but I heard it was because it was too expensive.  And, that Toy Story show didn't have half the production value as this one.  


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