May 8, 2013 - A Mad Sprint To Mermaid Lagoon!

So, remember how I said that we ran to Mermaid Lagoon to meet a character?

Well, that happened right after meeting characters at the Arabian Coast.  We had heard Max the Dog from The Little Mermaid (and not Goofy's son) was out!  Several of us had never met Max so it was simply a MUST!  Even with my gimped up knees, I was ready to sprint to meet him!

And, thankfully, we were able to meet him with Prince Eric! Oh, how adorable Max was!  Oh, hell...Prince Eric was also just as adorable!

My biggest regret wasn't having raised the fur from Max's eyes to reveal his actual eyes!!!!

Again, thankfully, we went and explored Mermaid Lagoon on our free day because, as soon as we went in to Mermaid Lagoon this day was as quickly as we went out after everybody had a chance to say hello.


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